Why America Needs a Donald Trump

What are the forces in play that act as precursor to real and meaningful change? Of an individual? A society? A race? Have we ever experienced the impetus for change without a catalyst, one that required of us that we look at us, deeply, thoughtfully?

Rarely in life do we experience the kind of evolutionary leap in consciousness without an agent involved. This agent may come in the form of an event, such as that which shakes us to the core of our being. The premature death of my father provided such for me, 9/11 for so many more. It may come in the form of a person, as well. As we live out our own life story, we find a host of characters seemingly designed to assist us in whatever progress we are here on this planet in this life form to make. Woven together in retrospective perfection. Certainly, the host of supporting actors - extras even – that serve as both mirrors and windows, wayshowers of sorts, aid us in working through whatever it is we came here to learn, do, undo. Whether accidental or on purpose is for each to decide. But certainly we can all agree there are catalysts for the change required, here to spur us on to greater versions of ourselves, presumably for the greater good of all concerned.

Adversity. Opportunity. And the agents required for the change desired.

This brings us to the current event and person known as Donald J. Trump. The current event being his ascendance to the presidency of the United States. What on earth could have created this? Who on earth is responsible? And perhaps most importantly, why is this required?

The answer to the first question is, of course, us. We created this. And we did so on purpose, and with purpose. Now, I know what many of you are saying in this moment. No way! I did not create this mess! I did not even vote for this character. Well, if we take a slightly higher vantage point and look at this from the collective consciousness of America (and even higher to include all humanity), the Donald Trumps of the world were created by us, through our own past actions, present actions, as a catalyst for what we are all waiting for – the evolution of the consciousness of a country, and planet.

When karma comes calling, it can seem an unwelcome guest in our inner homes, worlds. Unwelcome but not unwarranted. For we deserve a better version of the life tale told over time on this planet. And to get there, we apparently need a Donald Trump to shaken and awaken us to the possibilities that reside just beyond our current behaviors as a society, as a race. A lightening rod for the jolt required.

Why? Why on earth is this required? It is required because humanity has an inexplicable propensity for taking the painful pathway through our growth and development. We could choose grace, ease. But so often we experience change as a form of root canal procedure, an extraction too often avoided until there is little recourse. Grace and ease. Kicking and screaming. We choose the latter almost every time in our laddered ascent.

Donald J. Trump is a prop. He is here to prop us up from our slumbered state and ask that we gaze into the mirror of our true selves – and into the window of one another – and choose. He is a jolt. A bolt. A lightening rod for an enlightened moment in wait. Humanity has seen many such characters, such events that have shaken and awakened us to that greater version, where capacity and opportunity as humanity meets with humility and our greater, let’s call it, divinity for lack of a better term.

World wars. Masterful expressions. Human horrors. Human heroes, as statesmen, craftsmen, philosophers, teachers – artisans of higher expressions. Those who came with a message as timely as it was timeless in its understanding and requisite activity. We require such events, some as painful as they may be, and such props as painful as he may be, to propel us forward, upward.

Shaken. Awaken.

Who on earth would doom humanity to such oppressive, constrictive expressions of itself? Who would do such a thing? Well, for the 84% of the world that believe in some form of a higher being, we have our answer. For if one’s god is big enough to include everyone and everything, then the Donald Trump’s are a part of it, the master plan. Light. Darkness. Each required so that they may know one another. All required so that we may someday know the greatest version of ourselves, collectively so. No exceptions. No mistakes.

So let us choose, freely so, to move beyond the question of why Trump. And realize that what we hold in our collective hands is the, dare I say, ‘trump card’ for the hand dealt, and for the winning hand that awaits us all…

Once we have been properly shaken and awakened, that is, to that beacon for action.

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