Why Amidst the Kim Davis Circus, We Must Protect LGBT Youth

Rainbow flag symbolizing and celebrating gay rights and freedom of expression.
Rainbow flag symbolizing and celebrating gay rights and freedom of expression.

I'll admit it. I've watched Kim Davis crying to "Eye Of The Tiger" a dozen times. Her arms waving in a sea of little white crosses. The way her voice trembles with rage when she tells the crowd they "are a strong people." It's a grotesque spectacle that I can't look away from.

These people are a dying breed. Within the decade my guess is they will be nonexistent. Perhaps Kim Davis will be vilified in an Oscar-wining performance by Angela Bassett. (It's a color-blind casting. Very 2025.)

In the longterm, I'm utterly unconcerned. However, I'm a bit worried that violence will rise within the next couple of years, especially toward LGBT youth. The live broadcast of Kim Davis' "liberation" before a cheering crowd surely came off as anti-gay empowerment for some with Mike Huckabee spinning it all into the supposed criminalization of Christianity. I mean, they are really raising the stakes here. If your crazy kind is gasping its last dying breaths, now would be the time to fight back hard.

It worries me a bit. That is why it is important, especially if you live in small rural communities like Rowan County, to vocalize your acceptance of LGBT people. Reassure your youth that there is nothing wrong with them. That they are accepted fully just the way they are. If you are a Christian, now is the time to speak up and prove "you're not all like that." And keep an eye on those in your midst who are holding on so tightly to their hateful ways.

The bigots might be on their way out, but some won't go without one last fight. Hopefully the fight will just be hot air, and not baseball bats.