'Why Are Babies So Cute' Video Explains Secret Formula Behind An Infant's Adorableness

Why are babies just so darn cute? There's an actual scientific formula that explains a newborn's adorableness. No joke.

Scientists have found a set of specific traits, called "baby schema," that makes us think baby animals -- and human infants -- are cute. Just check out the new video from the YouTube series ASAPScience above.

Some of those traits include: a large rounded head, large eyes below the midline of the face, protruding cheeks, big forehead, round body, and soft skin. But while those traits are what make babies cute, why do babies have these traits?

According to scientists, being cute may increase a baby's chance of survival. For instance, the more captivated you are by a baby, the more likely you are to interact, nurture, and protect that baby. Make sense?

"In tests where baby photos are manipulated to have more 'baby schema' traits," AsapSCIENCE co-creator Mitchell Moffit says in the video, "they're rated as cuter and participants felt a stronger motivation to take care of these babies."




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