Your Bed Can Be Just As Heavenly As A Hotel Bed

The most luxurious hotels use this simple trick.

Anyone who has ever spent the night in a luxury hotel knows the beds are absolutely magical.

Once you crawl under those fluffy covers, you have no choice but to sink slowly into a dreamy, luxurious sleep. Resistance is futile.

But you don't have to dole out hundreds of dollars for a five-star night of rest. The secret behind hotel bed magic is surprisingly simple, and it boils down to two words: fluff and white.

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Think about it: more likely than not, your bedding is a hodgepodge of linens you've collected over the years that probably vary in color, fabric and quality. But the beds at some of the best (read: most relaxing) hotels around, including Marriott, Westin, Sheraton and W Hotels, all have two things in common: The beds are perfectly puffy with all white everything.

White is a symbol of cleanliness and white sheets can make a whole room feel luxuriously neat.

"White equals clean," Roland Kam, Housekeeping Manager of The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, told HuffPost. "You cannot hide a stain or mark when it is white. When you know your room is clean, [that equals] comfort."

And while Westin, the geniuses behind the "Heavenly Bed," knew that white could be more difficult to keep clean, they found it was the only way to go.

"The all-white bed created this halo effect -- people thought a room had been renovated, even if it was just the bed that had been changed," Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton hotels, previously told HuffPost. "It had a huge impact."

Also of vital importance is the comforter's fluff factor.

Luxury hotels use duvets with a little weight, which makes them perfect for snuggling under. The slight heaviness of this layer can be calming and provide comfort, according to the Medical Daily -- perfect for days when we never want to leave the bed.

To get hotel-worthy rest at home, keep your sleep sanctuary simple by stocking it with white and fluffy pillows, bed sheets and duvets. Unlike insanely-priced high-thread count sheets (which, btw, aren't fooling anyone anymore), these simple changes are worth the investment.

Recreate your own hotel bed by purchasing bedding directly from your favorite chain (Westin and Wyndham sell their collections online) or go for more affordable options with providers like Parachute or the ever-dependable Bed Bath & Beyond.

Below, drift into dreamland with some of Tumblr's most heavenly white beds:

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