Why Aren't You Watching This Web Series?!?: Gayle

It's raining outside and you feel sad deep inside. Your emptiness is due to the fact that you planned to go knit organic, free range ponchos at the local community center, sell them and send 12.5 percent of the profit (you're so giving!) to African orphans for their college funds. But unfortunately, there's a hole in your left rain boot, so now you can't go do your selfless act of charity because it's not like you're going to get your sock wet just because it's for a good cause. So, instead, stay home. You need to catch up on your TV shows anyway. Oh, but wait. Just a quick question -- what's your favorite web series? Oh, you don't really watch those? Don't be embarrassed. You can fix this.

This week's Why Aren't You Watching This Web Series?!? features perhaps one of the best things on the Internet, besides all of the porn. "Gayle" is a weekly web series written by and starring Chris Fleming, who is also a stand-up comic.

It is a satiric tale of an upper-class woman named Gayle Waters-Waters who will stop at nothing to be the perfect, high-achieving housewife. She has a lust for her family's orthodontist and a thirst for gaining control over the local chapter of Mothers Against Road Head. This web series is actually going into its second season after a successful Kickstarter campaign because of its extreme popularity. The episodes range from about one and a half to six minutes and will leave you dying with amusement.

If you're weird (also known as anything like me), you'll fall in mad, deep love with "Gayle." Enjoy.