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Why Arrest Paul Watson in the First Place?

Maybe now is the time for those in power to strike back, and what better symbol than Paul Watson?
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The good news is that Paul Watson is out on bail in Germany, but the harassment continues. The real question to be asked is: Why arrest Paul Watson now?

I think the answer to this question is a reflection on human society in general. For 30+ years many individuals and groups have worked tirelessly to make society understand the basic laws of nature. It has worked and we are now close to our goals...

I can agree to disagree with many, but I can never understand the people that ignore their health for the sake of money. When you are sick you don't, but... how many coal miners have given up their health for the almighty dollar? How many individuals and corporations pollute the very communities where they raise their children? We can no longer, as humans, continue to just take. There are some wild areas left, but lets face it, they are just large zoos. The wilderness is gone.

Perhaps the U.S. has more forests today than when the Europeans arrived -- a fact trumpeted by the oracle Rush Limbaugh -- but they are farmed forests, not natural forests filled with biodiversity and ruled by interdependence: two of the "big three" when it comes to the laws of nature. The third law is "finite resources"... let's not go there.

Individuals such as Paul Watson are winning. Parents want clean air and water for their children and grandchildren. Corporations really "get it" if you believe the ads on TV. And I don't, by the way.

So why do governments lock up Paul Watson now?

Maybe he has become too relevant. Maybe when everyone would rather sacrifice a healthy environment (just a little) so they can continue to drive their jet skis... Maybe now is the time for those unenlightened humans who feel they are in fact more powerful than Mother Nature to strike a blow for their cause.

Maybe now is the time for those in power to strike back, and what better symbol than Paul Watson? Are we going to let them? The answer from this bona fide tree hugger is: no!

Watch SHARKWATER or my film and you can see at least parts of the incident in question. You might disagree with the tactics, but the facts are pretty straightforward. Guatemala asked for assistance and Paul Watson helped arrest an illegal fishing boat. In my opinion, Japan's money is implicated, and we can all debate his guilt, but nonetheless, all humans who respect the principles of nature and believe we can find a sustainable existence have to stand up and demand Paul Watson is not only released but exonerated. Heck, Costa Rica should arrest the fishermen.

We will see how this all plays out, but for those interested in the environment, watch closely. There is something very wrong when a blind writer from China gets Hillary Clinton's attention and weeks of news coverage, and Paul Watson's arrest is hardly mentioned outside the Internet. Pay attention, please!

I hope some day all humans will celebrate those of us who have fought to save the oceans that keep this planet alive, even you environmental rapists. Wake up, exonerate Paul Watson.