Why Athletes Are Angels

October is upon us and so is another year wondering, hoping and praying that the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

The last time the Cubs won the pennant was in 1908. Roosevelt was President, Hitler was rejected from art school and it was the first time the ball dropped in Times Square.

Why are we so fascinated with sports and athletes? And why is baseball our national pastime? Why more than any other sport does baseball affect and change people's lives?

One word: compassion.

Let me explain.

Every single person in this world is dealing with some sort of stress. They are either stressed about money, family, friends, relationships or work.

Sports is a way for people to escape chaos and enter compassion. Compassion for the athletes, compassion for the team, compassion for the city and compassion for themselves.

How does one get to compassion? Being present.

When you are present in your life you are full of compassion and full of LOVE and LIFE.

When you are present you don't think about all the stress from the past and the stress the future might offer.

You are at complete peace.

And this is why athletes are angels.

Because they bring presence to the world when they are playing.

There is on World Series that is being played at this second; however there are many people who are talking about who is going to play in that game.


The idea of presence once again.

And this is why athletes are angels.

They bring presence into our lives and this presence brings peace and another word for peace is compassion.

And this is why baseball is our national pastime; because there are so many games which means there are so many more times that people are present. And this presence leads to people being at peace.

So next time your friends don't want you to go to the local bar to watch the Cubs game, let them know that you are going to find some peace in life.

Urban Turban