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08: Feels Like A Lie

I hate flying. It stresses me out. I panic at the first sign of turbulence, and with the frequency I fly, I assume I'm long overdue for a fiery crash. The working title of this song was "Jetting Blue", and I originally made it the night before flying to New York. I was a bit apprehensive about the session, but the flight was booked before I had a chance to say no. I wanted to make something that would calm me down in the air, a song that I could just put on headphones, close my eyes, and listen to. At the end of the track you can hear the classic airline in-flight announcement sound. It used to be in the intro as well (you'll hear it at a live show), but for sequencing purposes we opted for the transition between "In Clover" and "Feels Like a Lie" that's there now.

This is one of my favorite songs on How Do You Feel Now? to listen to. Lots of ear candy, and it serves its purpose well when I put on headphones.

A Guided Tour:

(2:06) - These vocal slices are from the original demo recorded the night before the my flight. You can hear the difference in the recording. This quick take was recorded a year before the rest of the vocals through an AT4040 in my parents' basement. Every other vocal is running through the Wunder Audio CM7, UA LA2A, BAE 1073 chain that I've discussed before.

(2:35) - This is an airhorn (dumb) with a plugin on it that mimics the Doppler Effect (smart). We weren't sure if this had ever been done, and parts of the song ride the EDM line, so we figured we'd pull out all the stops for one moment on the record. This whole build section is one of my favorite parts of How Do You Feel Now?.

(2:54) - The little vocal yells are Patricia from KOPPS. It's uncredited, but we had her come down to the studio and captured a bunch of her "exclamations" through a Manley Reference Mic.

(2:54) - The crazy guitar that sounds like a bird was one of my favorite guitar sounds on the LP. It's our usual "All-American" Fender setup through our Cultco pedal, but we used a Boss PS-6 to get that crazy sliding effect. I initially saw that pedal when I was in high school and always wanted it, but couldn't justify buying it until this record.

(3:57) - This was a watershed moment for us in the recording process. I coughed into the mic at the end of a take and we decided to leave it in the song. It would have taken .0000001 seconds to remove. Up until this point in the recording process, no one from the label had stepped in and tried to tell us what to do (which to their credit is extremely rare). I wanted to see how far this would extend though, so we left the cough in. I was sure someone would ask us to take it out, point to it as a mistake or bad edit, etc. Surely someone would bring it up. But no one ever did. It seems like such a small detail when you're listening back to the song, but every time I hear that cough I think about how we really got to do the record our way.





How Do You Feel Now?

  1. Somebody New
  2. Carry Me
  3. Tongues (feat. KOPPS)
  4. Destruction
  5. Now
  6. Parade
  7. In Clover
  8. Fees Like a Lie
  9. Traveling at the Speed of Light
  10. Nice House
  11. Bad Dreams
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