Why Becoming Purpose Driven Is The Path To Success in the 21st Century

The bigger purpose is a clear definition of why the company exists. When we explore this with companies, we always find a deeper reason that very often iscommunicated out into the organization or the market.
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"A culture of purpose guides behavior, influences strategy, transcends leaders-and endures." - Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO

The bigger purpose is a clear definition of why the company exists. When we explore this with companies, we always find a deeper reason that very often is not communicated out into the organization or the market.

Your company's mission statement is your purpose in action. It is how you express your purpose through what you do. Organizations, leaders, and brands with a real and genuine purpose are primed to deliver success not only in the marketplace but also where it really counts--in the lives of others.

Research shows that becoming purpose driven results in higher levels of confidence, which leads to higher levels of trust, which leads to higher levels of employee engagement, which leads to better results overall. The companies that embrace this now will have the competitive edge for succeeding in the coming decades.

  • Changing the rules of the game


When the purpose for existing becomes big enough, there is no competition! You can change the rules of the game by lifting the purpose of existence to new heights. When you change the rules of the game, you then can invite others to play with you.

A great example of this is something Mindvalley did. This Internet-based company that delivers personal development products and services has discovered ways of creating beautiful web pages that convert sales at a much higher rate that what has been the industry "norm".

They openly share all their design and sales conversion strategies.

By doing this, they are setting the standards even higher for everyone else. And by doing this, who is setting the standards? They are, of course. It's their game. But it's not being done just for the sake of winning the game, because they know that if everyone plays this game, everyone will win. There is a greater purpose for it.

  • Give meaning to all you do--it's your calling

Every single person on this planet has a reason for being here. It's up to each person to discover what that reason is--or not, if they choose not to. And every company has a purpose.

When the employees know their own purpose, the organization can move on towards reaching its purpose through the maximization of the productivity of the group.

  • Team dynamics (get rid of the "us" and "them", it's a "we" mentality)


Having a common goal and a higher purpose gives clarity, eliminates competition, and gets people working together to find the best solutions to whatever the challenge or problem might be. That bigger purpose lifts the group up from small minded thinking and begins to remove the pettiness that can often be present in a group dynamic.

Creating an environment where everyone is working together in a supportive and positive way is good for everyone!

When the bigger purpose is clearly defined, communicated, and is an integral part of why every action is taken, the company will have an entirely different energy within.

This will pull the teams together to each excel in their part of the bigger picture. It is much easier when they know what that is and see the importance to what they are doing each day. There is no denying that the companies that will thrive in the future will have their bigger purpose at the forefront of all that they do.

Being purpose driven makes sense because it's just a good way to do business.

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