Why Being a Single Teen Mother Gave Me These 5 Things

1. A severe wake up call to my core desires and ambitions. You know that feeling of helplessness and a loss of personal power? Well it can make you feel things you never imagined. Including figuring out what you want out of life. I felt confused and worried about my future and my child's future. I was forced into a state of dreaming forward! Call it escapism or possibly a huge reality check. I started to feel severely uncomfortable with my position. Those feelings kicked my ass into deep thinking. At the time it didn't feel so good. I finally realized at the end of the day, I was given a view into a window that reflected myself back at me. This view was life changing; the reflection burned into my blueprint and gave me something amazing, a life filled with dreams!!


2. Looking in all the right places for love, leading me to my husband. My partner at the time left me with a small new born and broke it off. I was left to think about the people I had attracted into my life and it taught me what I did not want in my life moving forward. I was able to look at people in a different way and I truly learned from my mistake. I could feel a difference when I met my husband. I could tell he was a good, kind and soft hearted person. The wakeup call I received at such a young age forced a greater perspective onto me and a better sense of self. So I was able to fall in love with the right person.

3. Single motherhood gave me a fire and stubbornness I feel lucky to have for business and life. I started my first company at age twenty five, while married with two small children at home. I had felt so jolted and surprised by single teen motherhood, starting a business felt easy compared to the past. I went through something life changing and it taught me fearlessness and resilience and an inner strength I did not know existed, grew inside of me. Going through something extremely awkward in life can help you with being uncomfortable. As an entrepreneur, you stop caring about what people think and shoot for the stars. I felt humbled and scared as a single mother. Putting myself out into the world publicly for business somehow seems easier than walking into a grocery store at age 17 with a baby on my hip, not sure why.


4. Respecting my children more than anything in life. They don't know it but they guide me in the right direction. Something inside me shifted once I fully connected with my children. Having children gave me a need to be my best self and lead by example. I had a sneaking suspicion that my kids are and were very impressionable. Knowing my children look up to me, watch me helped prioritize many valuable moments in my life. True connection and respect for my children gave me tools and reasoning for my life's focus. I want my children to succeed and feel confident in life so I had to truly find a way to do this for myself, so they could see it for real!


5. Hitting rock bottom gave me drive, ambition and enlightenment. When I was abandoned and forced into motherhood, deep rooted survival mode became natural. So feeling vulnerable also gave me inner power going forward to use in everyday life. When you feel helpless you can fall into a trap of feeling negative or resentful. But it takes courage and focus to be optimistic and look at the bright side, it takes practice but it's doable! Habits are born out of tuning into the light and seeing what is okay for now. I looked forward, could see a point of happiness and fulfillment and chased the vision relentlessly. I can see now that my turmoil at the time is my biggest driving force behind who I have become. Absolutely 100% happy I had this experience to draw on, to ponder, to dream and learn from. Live it, be it, go through it, find yourself!!

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