Why Being Unhappy May Be Exactly What You Need

At the end of the day, it’s your journey.

Originally written by Tasania Mcpherson on Unwritten.

The feeling of unhappiness is not uncommon, especially when you’re young and in your 20s, because our 20s are said to be the time that things will come together. The time when you’ll start your career, discover new things about yourself and develop into the man or woman you’ve always dreamed of being. But maybe that’s not the way it’s working out for you. The job you have is not all that you hoped it would be or the field you obtained your degree in simply isn’t what fuels your creativity anymore.

Maybe you’re a recent graduate, just signed the lease for your first apartment, just bought a car, or even made a big move across the country. But, it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon on a work day, and you just can’t get over the fact that you’re stuck in the same routine and are starting to feel unhappy. You keep thinking it’s time to move on, time to find another job and get out of that apartment, but 10 minutes later you’re reminded that you’ve got responsibilities that are clearly not going take care of or pay for themselves.

It’s a good thing, though because we’ve all been there, even if it was only for a moment. We’ve been through the struggling stage of being unhappy in either our careers or a PT or FT job that we have. But, while quitting seems like the easiest thing to do, DON’T! (unless it’s a toxic environment, then it’s best to just move on as quickly as possible) use that unhappiness to fuel your hunt for something better. That feeling that’s soaring through you right now is going to help you figure things out for the future. That feeling of dissatisfaction that seems to linger after you’ve finished your work day, that’s the feeling that you’re going to remember 5-10 years from now when you’ve started your own business or just became the CEO or Director of a top company.

Sometimes unhappiness is exactly what we need to push us to go after the things that we’re so afraid of. That unhappiness makes us realize the potential that’s buried deep inside us and urges us to push forward with the ideas that we keep buried inside of us. You won’t always have the perfect job or the perfect place, but the minute there is even a sign of unhappiness, that will be the moment you begin to see the power and potential that lies within you.

Just remember that no matter what, the only thing that matters is what’s going to make you happy. If it’s packing up and starting over in a new place, then do it. At the end of the day, it’s your journey. Do it for you!