Why Bernie is Going to Win

Why Bernie is going to win

Bernie is going to win. The writing is on the wall that Hillary is most likely guilty of [at a minimum] unintentional espionage and probably much worse and it looks like an indictment at this point is imminent.  There's no doubt that the democratic establishment is also aware of this inevitability and is beginning to hedge their bets, albeit behind closed doors.  It’s only a matter of time before the majority of the DNC begins to realize that Hillary is a liability to the party and once this tipping point occurs, establishment democrats will defect en masse like rats from a sinking ship.  But that's not why Bernie is going to win.

Superdelegates, which date back to centrist "Scoop" Jackson's Coalition for a Democratic Majority in the early 1970s, were meant to be a safeguard mechanism and were installed after an extremely contentious Democratic Convention in 1980 between Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.  This heated contest split the democratic party and created a chasm between the two camps, quite probably cost the democrats the general election. "Scoop" was a conservative Democrat and the superdelegates function was to ensure the party had a viable candidate to compete against the republican nominee by steering the party away from progressive candidates and more towards moderates.

The true, original intention of superdelegates was to have safeguards in place to act in the best interest of the party and it's becoming more and more clear that Hillary's legal troubles are not going away.  In the general election, Sanders crushes Trump in a head to head contest while Hillary struggles, especially in 3 key so-called battleground states.  Ironically, the mechanism that Hillary attempted to manipulate to guarantee her nomination is ultimately going to be used to do what it was designed for, which is to do what is in the best interest of the party and nominate Sanders.  But that's not why Bernie is going to win.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are historically the two most disliked presumptive candidates for president in American History.  It's fair to say presumptive in Hillary's case because the main stream press seems to have already begun their coronation of her.  To understand why two of the most unpopular candidates have risen to the tops of their respective parties, it's important to understand the Certainty Principle.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Werner Heisenberg, one of the fathers of Modern Physics, is most well known for his Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, also called the Indeterminacy Principle. Without going too far down the rabbit hole that is Quantum Mechanics, what Heisenberg’s Principle says is that you can never simultaneously know both the position and momentum of a particle.  In other words, as much as science is all about trying to know things for certain, what Heisenberg discovered is that at the end of the day you can't ever know anything for certain.

Quantum Mechanics has turned out to be the most successful scientific theory ever in the history of science and by some estimates, accounts for one third of our global economy.  Given this level of success, I suspect Heisenberg knew what he was talking about.  More to the point, what the Heisenberg Uncertain Principle really says (and the way it plays out in our own lives) is that certainty is an illusion.  

In truth, we have no idea what's going to happen from one moment to the next but the human mind is very good at creating a composite image out of our sensory experiences and predicting what's going to happen next. In order to make sense of a complicated environment, where certainty is actually just an illusion, we've created all kinds of mental constructs such as concepts, dogmas and philosophies to bind together our lives.  All of these types of constructs are based on something called the Certainty Principle, which is the opposite of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

The Certainty Principle

The Certainty Principle says that the overwhelming majority people, when given a choice between selecting a certainty that is guaranteed to be accompanied with misery & pain versus choosing an uncertainty with a high likelihood of pleasure and satisfaction, will choose certainty every time.

This is human nature.

Ancient Proverb
Ancient Proverb

Anywhere we see dogma in society, be it in religious institutions, orthodox science, in political parties or even in academia and some sports, we can see where people are organizationally selecting the illusion of certainty over the reality of uncertainty.  It is exactly this aspect of human nature that politicians have learned to exploit for decades, if not centuries.

If you stop to watch Hillary and Trump as well as most politicians, what they are selling is certainty.  Pandering, which is the art of campaigning to people by telling them what they want to hear, works because you are validating and reinforcing what it is that people already hold to be certain.  This form of politics is an example of the Certainty Principle in action.  Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC all understand this principle and if you look, you'll notice that all of their newscasts are all based on this as well.  There's a interesting thing about certainty and and its counterpart, fear: certainty sells.

Fear feels so real, so certain to people, that it reinforces their misperceptions of reality and perpetuates their addiction to anxiety. That's why there's a catastrophic weather story leading off just about every national newscast along with with a forecast of how many tens of millions of people are threatened in the coming days.  But fear is no more real than certainty, both are illusions.  Who are the real terrorists, the suicide bomber who kills 10 people or the media outlets that loops images of the bombing 24/7, indelibly etching these horrific images into the collective psyches of tens of millions of viewers?

You may say that Donald Trump violates this Certainty Principle constantly, by being so unpredictable with what comes out of his mouth, but he's actually been very consistent.  In fact, all of his xenophobic, racist demagoguery panders directly to his supporter's worldview, as does all of the rhetoric Hillary engages in.  Both the Democratic and Republican parties alike are very much attached to their respective dogmas but conservatives, by their very nature, tend to want to maintain whatever it is they are certain is true.  It's only logical then that Trump is being accused of not being a true conservative but he's actually executing the Republican's own playbook to a tee by playing to his base's innermost fears. He's making a mockery of their use of hyperbole to get elected and in the process, exposing it for what it is.

Sanders' Message Appeals to The Awakened

However, pandering doesn’t work on the kinds of people who support Bernie Sanders because more and more these days, people are waking up to the reality that the only thing we can be truly certain of is that there is no such thing as certainty.  Change is inevitable and Bernie supporters are fearless. People are understanding that in the past, when we've sold our own personal truths to purchase someone else's political rhetoric, the country and the world have suffered for it.

Centuries of pandering, gerrymandering, pork barreling, partisan politics and obstructionism has culminated in a situation where our planet's health is suffering, people are hurting and our government is locked in perpetual gridlock.  We've finally gotten to a tipping point where people are forced to embrace uncertainty rather than accept the a status quo that is taking us over a collective cliff.  Whatever the DNC-RNC-MSM complex is selling, we’re no longer buying.  Facebook and Twitter have supplanted MSM as the primary content aggregators of news and information that more people are using for making informed political decisions.  Bernie is correct, this is a Political Revolution happening and it is about more than just his candidacy.  This cultural and societal phenomena of change is what none of the pundits are understanding or acknowledging.  These times they are a-changin.

This is the simple reason why Bernie is going to win.  There is a mass awakening happening on the planet right now and enough people have become immune to the pandering and lies of politicians that we are no longer susceptible to their manipulations and deceit.  This started off with the moevements of the 60s, morphed into the Occupy Movement and has spilled over into Bernie's Campaign.  Enough is enough.

In spite of all the voting irregularities, illegal activities, purging of databases, Main Stream Media’s blatant bias towards Hillary as the presumptive nominee, Bill Clinton campaigning at Massachusetts polling stations, an incredibly lopsided democratic apparatus and mass numbers of voters having their party affiliation switched, it looks like Bernie is still going to win the pledged delegate count.  This is astonishing.  

Bernie is going to win because the number of people willing to embrace the illusion of certainty is no longer the majority.  You can see it on the faces of Bernie supporters at his rallies, you can see by the vast number of crowds at his speeches, you can feel it on social media, you can see him running the table for these last 10 contests (including New Jersey).  You can see it in his campaign out-raising his opponents without being financed without super PACS and you can see it with both Trump and Clinton starting to take his potential nomination seriously.  This is our time.

These are extremely exciting times, and what makes them exciting is the uncertainty that comes with them.

Frank Huguenard holds a degree in science from Purdue University and has spent decades in product development in Silicon Valley prior to embarking on a career in documentary film production, specializing in films bridging the gap between Science & Spirituality. He draws on his research in the fields of combination of psychology, physics, wisdom traditions, sociology and history. You can see his films at www.beyondmefilms.com.

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