Why Bill Clinton Should Be Treasury Secretary

It's a bigger idea than usual because in many ways, Clinton as treasury secretary is a life-saver. Let me give you the case, although I think merely the thought of it is enough.
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Let's nominate Bill Clinton for Treasury Secretary.

It's an idea -- a bigger one than usual, because, in many ways, Clinton as Treasury Secretary is a life-saver. Let me give you the case, although I think merely the thought of it is enough to make that case.

The former president spends an hour a day right now trying to grasp the economic challenges facing our country and the world. He does it as a thoughtful person who realizes the old campaign slogan of his, "It's the economy, stupid," is more vital than ever.

Here's a man who presided over a fabulous economic period in American history, before there was the disastrous Bush policies that brought us the catastrophe in 2008. Long before there was the current job poor recovery, we saw daylight.

We had new products out there. People wanted it buy them. We had new jobs, 23 million of them in the 90s, and we had hope. Why not bring it back?

The politics, think about it, with Bill Clinton at Treasury and Hillary Clinton still in State, President Obama would be in sterling shape to hold the Democrats next time and bring confidence to the political middle and perhaps given the weak Republican line-up, puke some from the other party comes next November.

I recommend this appointment for the reason that the country needs a strong economic spokesman who can translate the complicated economy into words and experiences that the average American can grasp.

Before we can recover, before we can find confidence to act, we need to know what we're facing, what we're overcoming, and how we can succeed in this new world order.

One person has the brains, the bona fides, the political moxie, the charm. And let's face it, the hard economic track record to do it. Let's bring back Bill and put him in Treasury where everything he's done, learned and achieved will work for him, the country and our children's future.

On this idea -- though it is my own -- I say, hip, hip, hooray!

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