Why Blue Collar Entrepreneurs Have So Much Opportunity to Succeed

When you think of entrepreneurship, you probably think of a tech company founder or someone who performs some type of white collar profession. But entrepreneurship has no boundaries and can be developed where any source of great demand can be found. And where great demand can found there will be much opportunity to pursue, that can be transformed into success when hard work is consistently applied.

How many people do you know who like to work with their hands and do manual labor work? Not too many people are willing to do so in today's society. And that unwillingness to do so leaves a major shortage in the supply of workers who can satisfy the positions that require men who are not only willing to perform blue collar work. But also qualified to perform specialized jobs within the blue collar industry.

Many people think blue collar work is just about the physical demands and requires no sort of education. But you can't just walk onto an oil field and automatically start working. You have to be knowledgeable about what you are doing, which means being properly educated and well trained about your specific position.

If you look up jobs that require blue collar workers, you would see that many of the positions are going unfulfilled because there are not enough people who actually qualify to properly do the jobs available. For instance, diesel tech jobs have a lot of open positions and these jobs service both the construction and trucking industry. The trucking industry will never die out because trucks transport product that stores need, i.e. food. The construction industry has its ups and downs but people will continue building, which means trucks are needed to haul material to construction sites. So there must be specialized mechanics available who can ensure that these trucks are properly performing so that other industries are able to meet their basic needs.

This shortfall of skilled workers leaves much opportunity for those who are able to perform the work that many are not qualified to perform. And an enterprising mind would see that when you have a skill-set that is in great demand due to low supply of skilled workers, there is no need to be employed by someone else. If you watch the show Blue Collar Millionaire, you would know the varying entrepreneurial opportunities that exist in the world of blue collar work. These blue collar entrepreneurs are making great money because they not only have skill-sets that few posses, but they also understand how to create a business around their skill-sets.

You don't have to start off with a big team in order to be a blue collar entrepreneur. As with any other entrepreneurial pursuit, you usually start off with yourself and work your way up to building a team as demand for your services grow. It can be tough work but the money that can be generated for your skills and service can far outpace a professional job and professional entrepreneurship. This is because there are many professional entrepreneurs, which means competition for market share can be a huge challenge. But being a blue collar entrepreneur, with a specialized skill-set, the competition you have to deal with is reduced since your particular market is not saturated with many providers.

I am not saying that being a blue collar entrepreneur means that you are guaranteed instant success. But the opportunities that exist around blue collar industries along with the shortage of qualified workers increases your odds of producing success. When such favorable conditions exist in the marketplace; you must be willing to take risks if there is a high probability of seeing tremendous rewards for your entrepreneurial efforts.