Why Caitlyn Jenner Got It Right and What It Means for Us Spiritual Folks

Woman looking out window
Woman looking out window

Caitlyn's Vanity Fair spread broke the internet! My initial reaction was wow, she's beautiful! However, after seeing updates on my various social media newsfeeds, my reaction shifted from joy to that of frustration.

I've seen posts that compared Caitlyn's bravery to others who were, "braver." I've seen posts that compared Caitlyn to other celebrities who underwent other changes. I believe that a certain group of people are missing the point here.

Bruce Jenner's transformation to Caitlyn Jenner isn't about some kind of point system of who's braver than who, or why this act of transformation is accepted while others are not. This is about finally being able to live an authentic life and repair relationships.

I'm not doing this to be interesting. I'm doing this to live.

--Caitlyn Jenner, Vanity Fair

The transformation was simply bravery at a different capacity.

Comparing is a major downfall in life that can hinder people from ever accomplishing their goals. I've seen this happen sometimes in the spiritual/holistic community, where people feel like they don't deserve (i.e. a satisfying income, valuable clients) because their business isn't a "real business."

For example, when I started my spiritual business in 2010, I could have easily compared myself to other spiritual entrepreneurs who were famous and think, how can I possibly do what they have done or something better and be successful? Or, maybe think that my spiritual gifts aren't as profound.

Then there's the question of why now? Well, I have an answer for that too. I'm 100 percent sure that if Bruce Jenner decided to become Caitlyn in the '80s or '90s, she likely would not have been accepted, and we would probably have never heard of her again. At best, Caitlyn would only have been acknowledged by a few and her career would be all but over. After reading the interview, I believe that now was the right time for the transformation.

The last question I've heard is, "Why continue to get married and have children?" My response is the following:

- It really is none of our business to try to ascertain the mindset of Caitlyn and her actions. That's a conversation reserved solely for her and her family alone.

- But, let's think about the social climate at the time and what (formerly) Bruce represented. She was an Olympic hero. Were there any times when we decided to live up to people's expectations and put our own thoughts and emotions to the side? The answer is most likely "yes."

- Let's take a look at ourselves and think about the things we do or don't do -- before we start to over-analyze or condemn a person for their decision.

Divine timing is important.

While it is people's prerogative if they choose to agree or to not accept, or even acknowledge Caitlyn, what we can take away from this whole situation is that Caitlyn (like Laverne Cox) are symbols of courage and transformation. They are the symbols for the teenager who feels alone, for that adult who was living a lie to fit into society, and to that person who was once narrow-minded.

They represent courage. They are the visual aid that many people need to help them break personal barriers in their lives.

Spirituality speaking, this is a huge event because we are constantly changing as individuals. I can personally say that I am not the same person I was five years ago. We are constantly shedding our old selves to live authentically, and embrace the new us -- whatever form it may be.