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Why Celebrity-Endorsed Weight Loss Programs Will Fail You

You eat clean, or so you think you do, but you can't lose those last 10 pounds. Let me explain why you're having so much trouble.
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You eat clean, or so you think you do, but you can't lose those last 10 pounds.

Let me explain why you're having so much trouble.

If your digestive system and detox pathways are congested, obstructed and inflamed by toxic waste matter--think literal cellular garbage -- from a poor diet, poor digestion, poor elimination and the stress of the modern, fast-paced lifestyle, toxins find their way from the liver to your blood and fat cells. Toxic waste in your body is going to prevent you from getting what you want -- weight loss-- unless you get to the root cause of your stubborn excess weight.

If you can not release weight, it's likely because your body is too inflamed and congested to efficiently remove backed up toxic waste out of your cells.

Now add the stress caused by the toxicity within your body, and the healthy bacterial balance in your gut becomes imbalanced. This bacterial imbalance causes your body to produce more fat cells to store these toxins away from your vital organs.

Now you have more fat cells.

Which means you will easily gain weight.

Think of excess fat on your body as a protective mechanism, a gift of sorts, to safeguard you against accumulated toxins in your body. Hard to appreciate, I know, when you can't fit into your jeans!

Removing toxins,reducing inflammation and balancing the bacteria in your body needs to become your number one priority if you want to lose weight.

If you remove what is causing toxic build-up, imbalance, congestion and inflammation in your body, weight will effortlessly fall off. EFFORTLESSLY.

Weight loss is actually more about healing your body than losing weight, which is why celebrity-endorsed weight loss programs will actually thwart your long-term weight loss and get-healthy goals with the products they include and promote in their program offerings, like processed and sugary recommendations.

These processed and sugary products sold by the leaders of the weight-loss industry are common toxic-trigger foods that cause excess mucous production, irritation, bacterial imbalance and inflammation in the body.

To lose weight, you must remove these common-toxic trigger foods that cause stress, imbalance and accumulated toxic waste in your body.

The celebrity-endorsed weight loss programs gain appeal from the weight loss attributed to most calorie restriction programs, and of course the names behind them. However, because their offerings include the top three common toxic-trigger foods, gluten, dairy and sugar, because their suggestions include processed products with no life force left in them, your body will continue to produce more fat cells from the bacterial imbalance, excess mucous production and inflammation they trigger, so long-term weight loss will elude you.

In simpler terms: You'll lose weight, but you won't keep it off for good.

Long term and healthy weight loss becomes more a common-sensical math equation of taking out what causes toxic congestion, inflammation and imbalance in the body and adding in what counters it, like healing, live, nutrient-dense foods, exercise, stress reduction activities and pure, clean oxygen and water.

But losing weight is also about mindset and slowing down long enough for you to reconnect to you, so your food and lifestyle choices reflect a grounded, balanced empowered you, not a frenetic-harried, over-committed, disempowered you.

Look at the weight loss industry, it's booming, which clearly suggests weight loss is not simply about calorie restriction or food. Every year 108 million Americans invest in the diet industry= and lay their faith and hard-earned dollars on the weight-loss table, yet research shows that 97% of these dieters will regain everything they lose within three years.

Three. Years.

Counting calories and points programs focus on food, not healing the body or shifting the mindset, which will keep you in the grip of the companies that focus on weight-loss services who depend on you coming back. Celebrity-endorsed weight loss companies raked in $61 billion in revenue in 2012.

In response to this madness, I put together a bundle of three guides to get you started on the path of lasting weight loss, which includes what you need to heal your body and lose weight.

If you forget this one thing, you'll achieve permanent weight loss: You can eat whatever you want, as long as you count your calories and points. Forget it!

Heal the congestion, inflammation and imbalance in your body, eat healing foods and take out inflammatory foods, shift your mindset to what really matters to you, begin with basic fundamental steps to build upon and you'll effortlessly lose weight that will stay off, because you healed your body and because you shifted your mindset.

Live healthy,
Carol Egan

Carol Egan is a digestive health and detox specialist and founder of the highly acclaimed programs, More Than A Detox, 10 Years Younger in 6-Weeks and Your Best Health Project. Carol is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and coach and works with clients who are fiercely committed to their health and success. You can follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, watch her videos on YouTube, become a fan on Facebook and subscribe to her newsletter.

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