Why Companies Should Embrace Employees Seeking the Culture They Desire

Why Companies Should Embrace Employees Seeking the Culture They Desire
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“They’re only looking out for themselves.”

It’s a common gripe of older generations, sometimes accustomed to joining a company simply for the pay and insurance benefits alone. For others however- and those mainly from the Millennial generation- seeking out a company that offers the culture and perks that fit their lifestyles is a must. Does this make them selfish? In my opinion no- and here’s why:

It Improves Work-Life Balance The trend of employees seeking unorthodox perks such as flex time over vacation days speaks to their value on enjoying time outside the office- and the balance it brings to their lives and families.

For Andrew Koehler, Human Capital Management Consultant at ADP, it was about finding a company that met the needs for his young family, “I needed a culture that was going to satiate a few things for me. While some of my requests may have been unique to me, I don’t think it’s unique to come to a company looking for particular things within that culture.”

Your Company Culture Benefits

Koehler reminds us that culture is “more than being able to sit on a beanbag writing code as it’s often thought of.” The culture of a company is the combination of the values and actions from the top down that embraces the various needs of its employees and upon delivering them helps to create a culture that welcomes productivity and growth.

They’ll Likely Stay Longer

Despite offers for increased pay from other companies, employees are more likely to stay longer at the companies that embrace the kind of lifestyle and culture they’re seeking in the long run. For CEO’s trying to minimize turnover- and the costs associated with it- providing culture-rich environments is one of the sure-fire ways to do so.

It’s Becoming the Norm

Don’t expect this to be a “passing fad” as employees become bolder with their requests. Their decisions to ask for what they want or need has less to do with audacity and instead speaks to the understanding that this is the way it should be within the workforce. Koehler says, “The emerging workforce is a lot more vocal about that they want because they’re more clear on what it is they need and know it’s important to ask or seek it out.”

Whether it’s flexibility in schedule, benefits for the whole family or the desire to find a company that embraces charity, all of these so-called “perks” are now in high demand. The average pay, mediocre insurance benefits and measly 14 days of (sometimes paid) vacation are becoming less of a lure for the best talent throughout the world. To stay competitive, employers are going to have to get on board with out-of-the-box perks that truly help to improve the balance and happiness in their employees’ lives. In the end, however, their companies will no doubt benefit from adjusting their cultures to fit these requests. As Koehler points out, it is simply the direction the workforce is going- and frankly, I couldn’t agree with it more.

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