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Why Costa Rica Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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If you're paying for your own wedding, chances are you're wondering how you can possibly add the expense of a honeymoon on top of burgeoning modern wedding costs. And while it makes sense to do a combination of saving up in advance and scaling back on non-essentials in order to write those wedding vendor checks, the hope is that you only get married once, right? You want pick the right mate for you and have a great wedding that reflects you and your partner without going into massive debt.

But the honeymoon is an important part of the wedding. You only get married once? Well, you only have an opportunity to honeymoon once. You won't regret taking it. So don't skip it. Here are all the reasons why Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination.

It's incredibly affordable, with something for everyone. Costa Rica has several tour operators that can build your custom experience of the country based on your budget and interests. Do you want shuttles to your destinations, waterfall hikes, volcanic hot springs, horseback riding, ziplining and whitewater rafting while staying at inexpensive hotels? Done. Do you want less of your time booked in activities and nicer hotels to relax in? That can also be done. Whatever the honeymoon experience is in your head, it's the business of the tour operators to make it a reality. Those seeking more adventure can opt to rent a car and drive; just be sure to make sure that the roads will be passable the time of year you are traveling. Roads are narrow and twist and turn at every bend.

The people are warm. Costa Ricans say, "Pura vida!" or "Pure life!" In general, Costa Ricans are very welcoming, ready with a smile to greet you and help you. Much of the population you will encounter in the tourism industry is bilingual, so there is no language barrier.

It speaks to both the nature lover and the less adventurous. With world class surfing, parasailing, ATV rides, ziplining, horseback riding and whitewater rafting, Costa Rica calls to adventure seekers. Yet those who just want to sit on the beach, or maybe take a leisurely hike to drink in the scenery have plenty of opportunities to feel right at home as well. "In the Costa Rica's diverse habitats and ecosystems live 13 thousand plant species, 2,000 moth and 4,500 butterfly species, 163 varieties of amphibians, 220 types of reptiles, 1,600 species of fresh and salt-water fish, and at least 870 types of birds." There are also, "22 national parks, 10 wildlife refuges, 12 biological reserves, 8 forest reserves and 26 protected zones, covering 25% of the national territory."

There are food options for all appetites. Costa Ricans eat both meat and fish, and have plenty of delicious fruits. So whether you're a carnivore or vegetarian, chances are you won't go hungry. The typical plate, which you can order at any Costa Rican restaurant, is a protein with rice, beans, vegetables and plantains.

The weather is nearly always ideal. There's a rainy season and there's Monteverde, or the Cloud Forest, which is often damp and chilly, but most of the rest of Costa Rica is either beach weather or fairly temperate year round.