Why "Craft Cannabis" is the Future of Marijuana


If we can do it for beer and coffee, why not cannabis?

The marijuana edibles (and drinkables) marketplace in Washington State has been live for more than a year -- and what a tumultuous year it's been! We've seen huge dips and swells in the availability of raw material as producers ride the wave of growing seasons and demand. We've seen many of the most-profitable shops in the State opening in our biggest cities to record-breaking sales. We've seen several interesting products launch into the fledgling market -- and now have a much better idea of what a high tolerance our customers have for experimentation in taste, buzz and experience. We couldn't be more excited about where we've been and where we're going.

And where is that, exactly? In Washington, we've seen a renaissance in the "craft" look and feel of the marketplace, with many of the high-end recreational stores and products providing a heightened brand experience for the savvy consumer. When you think about it, this is just what you'd expect from the home of high-end coffee, craft beer and an innovative slow-food and farm-to-table culinary scene. The intersection of our established craft food market with recreational marijuana is both a playground and, in some ways, a regional imperative. It's why Mirth Provisions first product was a beautifully packaged sparkling tonic made with locally-sourced natural ingredients. And it's why western states are quickly growing into the established international hub for cannabis innovation.

Another of the places we see this regional differentiation coming to fruition is in products that have the potential to change the conversation. To appeal to those of us who want to be happy and healthy, those of us who want our cannabis consumption to fit our social habits and our lifestyle.

About six months ago I started researching alternative delivery-methods for consumers who want all the benefits of marijuana without the lifestyle and health implications of smoking it. This month Mirth Provisions will bring some of this thinking to market with our new sublingual product Drift, which provides an incomparable experience that's a true first: a smokeless high that works 3-4 times faster and has more potency than anything else you can buy. Our unique six-step Gravitine™ process delivers a reliable, discreet body high that you control with a push of your finger. Perfect for a concert, backyard barbecue or happy hour, Drift is just one example of how the recreational marijuana market is becoming more responsive to the broad needs of many different kinds of consumers.

Is the Pacific Northwest the region to bring a new level of cannabis "craft thinking" to the conversation? Inarguably, yes. Welcome to the new world, everybody.