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Why "Craigslist Founder Joins Veterans Affairs Innovation Search Panel"

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Supporting the troops, that's just not words, and it means also doing something for veterans back home. Through most of human history, they rarely get the treatment they've earned. Now that we have an Administration that really supports the troops, we should be serious about that.

The deal here is in any large organization, the rank and file knows what's really going on and can do things a lot better. However, that doesn't get to top management normally.

However, social media spreads around vital information and suggestions in a manner wherein people can support each other, and get the message to the top.

I figure that's not only true of the Department of Veterans Affairs, but other agencies, like State, FCC, and Homeland Security. (Check that link out!)

So, the deal is to get a kind of internal discussion board, where people share information and ideas how to do things much better. I have the privilege of helping judge the whole deal.

Next? Well, there's lots more work to do.

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