Why Creatives Absolutely Hate Big Companies

Right off the bat -- big companies are, more often than not, magnets for greedy, power-hungry, lazy people. People who want everything they can get their hands on, while doing as little as possible. And every single time a Creative goes out of their way (against their own better judgment) to join a big company, they are immediately inundated with so much bullshit that they are gone within a year's time. So why do Creatives hate big companies?

A Creative is typically the innovative, enthusiastic, open-minded individual who brings lots of cool ideas, experiences and solutions to a company. The Creative is the driving force in a [willing] group who energizes their coworkers with fresh ideas, concepts, and better ways of doing business. In ultra-sharp contrast, a big company is a collection of people who strive for a stable place to earn a buck and pay their bills. The drudgery and red tape that comes with working for a big company, means that only those with thick skins or those who don't give a damn remain, while the rest eventually quit.

I would hate to be an HR person at a big company. Tasked with finding great talent, you have at your disposal lots of salary of offer, in exchange for a sad, dreary, uninspired work environment. So any time that you are fortunate enough to have a Creative show interest in your company, you are simultaneously thrilled and baffled as to why they are even looking into joining your organization.

What Creatives find in these huge employment behemoths, are small "villages" of employees. Like the television show Survivor, the employees in these big companies gather and create alliances, to help each other survive and move up the ranks. People hide in back rooms and cubicles, hoping to not be seen by managers who would give them more work to do. They forage for free food in the lunchroom, and sharpen their PowerPoint skills like spears, ready to fight for a chance at showing off to the VP.

God forbid, some Creative joins the company, with his almighty "hey, let's solve some problems in an innovative and collaborative way" attitude, and which point you look at him and say "don't waste your time, and don't make ME look bad". Creatives are seen as aliens in the big company, and like the Twilight Zone episode, the villagers would kill the alien who offers a cure for cancer, because they just don't understand that he comes to help.

Creatives hate big companies. They hate how big companies pretend to be innovative, but are typically incubators for un-innovative people. And they hate how big companies allow Creatives to get thrown under the bus, for the sake of the village and its politics.

The best way for Creatives to help a big company, is to not waste their HR's time by sending a resume their way. You will only end up quitting sooner or later. And if you don't quit, then eventually you become one of the greedy or lazy who gets assimilated.

Big companies seem to thrive on the greedy, the power-hungry, and the lazy among our society. No matter how creative you are, there are just some things you can't fix...