Why Dating On Facebook Is Better Than Dating On Tinder

Here's the truth about Tinder: it's used by a bunch of people who usually lie about their height and their weight. You've got no real information about them.
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I don't understand why people date on Tinder in the first place. There's absolutely no reason for Tinder.

Here's the truth about Tinder: it's used by a bunch of people who usually lie about their height and their weight.

You've got no real information about them.

You've got a few words and a few pictures, and most of them don't look like their picture at all because they're putting up what I call...

Profile pictures! Pictures that they think will actually hook somebody.

When you date somebody on Tinder, you're going out on a complete blind date because most of the time, you don't even talk to them beforehand. You basically just text one another. So by the time you show up, you've never heard each other's voices and you don't even know what the other person's all about. You're sitting opposite a total stranger, hoping and praying that this swipe was the one that worked and brought you the relationship that you wanted.

I think it's kind of ridiculous because Facebook is so much better.

Think about it. Facebook. You can literally go and look at somebody's friends. As a matter of fact, every day, Facebook recommends people that you should connect with.

You will see you have 27 mutual connections.

You already run in the same circle.

You already know what the other person likes because you have the same type of Facebook friends.

When you make a friend on Facebook you can actually read their posts; you can go back years and read about their life, see where they're at, see what inspired them.

You can see the type of food they eat - which, by the way, I never understood. What is it about pictures of food? I don't get it.

You can take a look at the things that they do, the activities they like doing, the people that they're friends with, the places they hang out at, the places they travel to. Facebook is an unbelievable place to get so much information. Yet, we'd much rather date on Tinder or Bumble. We'd much rather go out with somebody we know nothing about because oddly that seems so much better.

It seems to me that Facebook is better. I can read posts that I can make comments on; I can even send her a message after I've read something. I can get into a conversation via IM - Facebook Messenger.

The pictures on Facebook are real. They're not really altered because Facebook is a place where friends are connecting. Well, fake friends and real friends, but you get the message.

People probably aren't putting up altered pictures all over Facebook.

It's the best place to meet people, so why are people not using Facebook as a dating opportunity? Why are people relying on Tinder and Bumble and all of the other apps?

To me, Facebook is where it's at. It's a lot easier. It's a lot better. Just take a look at your Facebook feed today when you go home.

Take a look at all the things people are saying. Pick someone out and find a post that resonates with you, then make a comment underneath it. It's so much more organic to meet people on Facebook than anywhere else online.

So the next time you want to swipe your way to romance online, I strongly suggest you use what everybody uses: Facebook. We're on Facebook three and a half hours a day.

People don't spend that much time on Tinder. They're not spending three and a half hours a day on Tinder for a reason.

Go where you can get more information on somebody. I've met so many fantastic women on Facebook. I really have. Some of them are my friends, some of them I've dated.

If someone is interesting on Facebook, I'll comment; I'll add them as a friend. To me, Facebook is the greatest place to meet people. Why are people spending so much time on online dating apps? It makes zero sense. Facebook, my friends, is where it's at.

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