Why the Democrats should not filibuster Judge Gorsuch

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The unconstitutional behavior of the Republican Party, refusing even to audition Justice Merrick Garland, despite bipartisan support, under fallacious pretexts, has deprived the Supreme Court of its ability to operate as it should. They showed disrespect, not only to the Judge and the President, but to the Supreme Court itself.

The Democratic Party is entitled and legitimate in retaliating by filibustering the GOP candidate. It is fair game. However…

Breaking the vicious circle by putting the country first

After the failure by the GOP to repeal the Obamacare, it is important to break the current jam log that has been created by the insanity and ideology of the White House. It is precisely because Donald Trump does not deserve our respect as an individual, that the Democratic Party finds an opportunity to respect the institutions of this country It would send a clear message that, while it will oppose the “administrative destruction of the country” of the current administration, it is and remains the champion of our democracy.

Judge Gorsuch is a defender of the law and the constitution

I did watch a great deal of the auditions of Judge Gorsuch. I found him sincere, convincing and a man of principles. I can hear my fellow Democrats laugh at my “naiveté” on a terrible candidate. At this stage of the disintegration of the United States by the President and his acolytes, it is exactly what we need.

Yes, he is a conservative

We, Democrats, would have preferred a liberal. And we were entitled to it. But President Obama and the Democratic Party did not manage to force the impasse. It is regrettable but we are where we are. The auditions did not give me a great respect for the Senators on both sides of the aisle. The rhetoric was partisan, and when questions were asked, they were often referring to cases of local importance, but the debate was rarely at the level required for the Supreme Court.

The next candidate could be a lot worse

Among the conservative judges that would qualify for the Supreme Court, I consider Judge Gorsuch to be a man of judgment and moderation. The White House might have produced a much more extremist judge. Whether it was smart or well calculated, it provides an opportunity for the Democratic Senators to recognize that they can live with Judge Gorsuch.

The nuclear option would be detrimental to both parties

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will draw any advantage by utilizing the nuclear option. I am sure that future legislative proposals of the White House will amply justify the use by the Democrats of their filibustering muscle. The likelihood that they will submit something more outrageous than this appointment is very high. It is better to fight on principles than people. I understand the frustration to have seen incompetent or unsavory (or both) characters fill top administration positions without being able to oppose them. But the real nuclear risk is more challenging than Judge Gorsuch.

Sending a message to the electors that there is hope

At a time when the approval rating of the President is tanking, acting responsibly and in the interest of the country will shine. Moderates of both parties are confronted with a dramatic attempt to violate the constitution, go to Moscow instead of the NATO summit, disregard the impact of the Trumpcare on the least favored American people and destroy immigrant families, the Democratic Party has a unique chance to shine as the party of the people, the country and the constitution. It is the best way to prepare the mid-term elections.

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