Why Did The White House Purge The Climate Change Page?

The Trump administration is setting a tone of secrecy and disinformation.
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Adobe Spak

Among the most troubling things the Trump administration has done since moving in the White House is to get rid of all of the information on the climate change web page. Trump has long been a global warming skeptic, but this move just cemented how his administration will handle this issue. Recently, Trump signed an executive action to halt all EPA contracts and cut the funding to this important agency. Not only does this affect the fight against global warming, it puts many workers out in the cold when it comes to doing jobs like working at water treatment plants or even working EPA cleanup operations along the Gulf Coast.

By denying people access to the information that was stored on the White House website regarding global warming, the Trump administration is setting a tone of secrecy and disinformation. Rather than putting scientists to work to prove the claims Trump has made regarding the non-existence of global warming, he has merely taken information out of the hands of the people.

“In the face of overwhelming facts and a consensus among the scientific community, President Trump maintains his unwavering belief that he knows more than anyone else and is headed down a path that can only lead to suffering for more Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike. Denial of climate change means we will be less prepared for the massive natural disasters to come and their aftermaths,” offers Rand Spear a Philadelphia accident attorney.

Below are some of the most alarming facts that show climate change is indeed real and poses a threat to the whole world.

An Alarming Rise in Sea Levels

Among the scariest facts that show how serious climate change is would be a rise in sea levels. This rise is attributed to the water entering the sea due to melting ice caps and glaciers. There is also a noticeable change in the gasses contained within these bodies of water as well. In the past ten years, the sea level as doubled. On average, the level of water in the sea is rising by nearly seven inches a year. If this trend continues, it will be very hard to deny the affects of climate change due to the flooding it will cause.

Steadily Increasing Temperatures

The next alarming fact that proves something is definitely wrong with our planet is the steadily rising temperatures. It is a widely known fact that temperature highs are increasing all over the world. Since the 1800s, there have been scientists tracking the atmospheric temperatures on this planet.

This study still goes on today and the data that these scientists are coming up with is downright scary. In the 1970s, scientists started to notice the temperatures around the globe rising, There was a bit of a temperature decline in the 1990s, but the higher temperatures have returned in the new millennium with a vengeance. All over the country, high-temperature records are being shattered. This is a sign that global warming is a real thing and unless real changes are implemented, this type of issue will only get worse.

Ocean Temperatures Are Getting Higher

With the number of vehicles and new plants being built on a regular basis, there has been a significant increase in the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. The enormous amount of heat this greenhouse gas produces is being absorbed by the oceans on our planet. Since 1969, there has been documentation kept on the temperature of the ocean waters on the planet. This data shows that the temperature of the oceans is increasing on a regular basis.

This is bad for both the humans living on land and the animals in the sea itself. If there are no regulations put forth regarding the greenhouse gasses produced, it is only a matter of time before the animal and plant life in the ocean ceases to exist.

The Glaciers are Shrinking

The glaciers on this planet, particularly the ones that are found in Greenland are steadily decreasing in size. The reduction of gasses that help these glaciers maintain their temperature is one of the biggest factors that is leading to their melting and shrinking in size. NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment shows that the glaciers in Greenland lost nearly 60 cubic miles of ice in a six-year period.

At this rate, these glaciers will be destroyed in just a few generations. It is our job as inhabitants of this planet to leave it better than we found it for future generations. The amount of pollution we are unleashing on this planet is only going to lead to more problems

The Acidification of the Ocean

The acid level in the oceans is also increasing. The emission of more harmful gasses in the atmosphere affects the acidity levels in the bodies of water around the globe. This acidity has been known to kill algae blooms and has killed a number of populations of fish as well.

Rather than deleting helpful information about climate change, this new administration needs to realize just how much of a danger this poses to our planet. With all of the evidence out there, denying that climate change is not only foolish, it is downright dangerous.

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