Why Dietary Fat is NOT the Enemy!

It’s a warm, humid day here on Long Island, with sporadic showers here and there. With the weather coming around nicely, now’s a good time to start getting outdoors more, even if it’s just for a walk around the block!

Softball season starts next week, which I’m EXTREMELY excited about! It’s my favorite pastime activity that keeps me sane when I’m otherwise working :-x

Anyhow, today I want to talk about NOT being afraid of dietary fat. I’ve harped on this in the past, but if you’re new to reading my emails, posts, etc., then I’d like to reiterate some points.

Here in the United States, we’ve been taught that dietary fat is the Devil. Not only is it supposed to make us fat, but it’s supposed to clog our arteries, raise cholesterol levels, be cancerous, and make us susceptible to heart disease. With this line of thought drilled into our brains since elementary school, it’s hard to think anything different!

Unfortunately, the Dietary Guidelines in this country are absolutely BACKWARDS! The Food Pyramid, now known as MyPlate, recommends we eat 50+% of our diet from starchy carbohydrates like grains, potatoes, corn and lentils, with a moderate amount of protein (no more than 30%) and little-to-no dietary fat (to be used sparingly, between 0–10%).

While the assessment on sugar has changed for the better, there’s still quite a bit of work to be done in terms of what’s being taught to the general public…

Weight gain, weight retention and health issues occur due to a couple of things: Inflammation, and even moreso, insulin response (or lack thereof). When we eat a high-carb, high-starch, high-sugar diet like so many people in this country do, we trigger a response called the Insulin Resistance Cycle.

When we ingest a high-carb food, our pancreases produce insulin, a hormone meant to regulate blood sugar. It’s one thing if we severely elevate our blood sugar here and there, but when this is done regularly, we can begin to become insulin-resistant, which means that the excess carbohydrate in our system that we DON’T need is stored as fat.

Insulin resistance is a fancy way of saying what Type-2 Diabetes really is, which is why so many folks who struggle with their weight are either Pre-Diabetic or Type-2 Diabetic. Just an FYI, unlike Pre-Diabetes or Type-2 Diabetes, Type-1 Diabetes is NOT curable at this time, and can at best be managed through proper diet, exercise and sometimes medication.

Just think about this rationally for a second: If we eat such a high-carb diet, and insulin is being deployed on an INSANE scale, we’re really playing with fire, and it’s only a matter of time before we get burned…

But what about eating more of a high protein diet, like Atkins? Well, while protein elicits a much lower insulin response than carbohydrates, it still elicits an insulin response. If we eat an insanely high protein diet (anything above 30% of your daily intake done on a regular basis), this isn’t very good for our insulin response either. Throw in the damage this can do to your kidneys, and we’re also playing with fire on a different scale.

Dietary fat, on the other hand, does NOT elicit an insulin response. It is the only ‘neutral’ macronutrient human beings eat, which means it has little-to-no effect on our insulin levels. Fat does NOT clog our arteries, raise cholesterol, or any of the things we’ve been taught. In fact, it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to optimal health!

Healthy fats help improve cognition, elevate our moods, provide longer, more sustained energy levels, and lubricate our joints, helping to alleviate quite a bit of the aches and pains most of us feel on a regular basis…

Some of my favorite fatty foods involve organic eggs, organic avocados, organic, raw nuts and seeds and organic, uncured bacon. The only type of dietary fat you need to avoid are trans fats.

Trans fats are man-made carcinogens, which occur when vegetable oils high in Omega-6 fats are heated beyond their boiling point. When this happens, the oil hydrogenates, its chemical composition changes, and a cooking oil that was once healthy is now harmful.

To sum things up: Dietary fat is NOT the enemy. High sugar, high starch and processed foods are. Slowly add in some healthy fats like the ones listed above into your diet, and this will help keep you fuller longer, will give you sustained energy levels and will alleviate aches, pains and brain fog.

Until tomorrow!


Pete Weintraub


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