Why Divorcees Make the Best Dates

The strength, energy, and independence of divorced people makes dating them feel like less of a job interview and more like an office party.
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Although over fifty percent of the population is divorced, the label can still cause fear in
the hearts of those who are single and dating. The un-divorced often assume the divorced
are too damaged, have too much baggage, are still hung up on their exes, are a hostile
time bomb waiting to go off over coffee, or are sad depressed losers who failed at love.
This vision of the divorced could not be more wrong and divorced people are actually the
very best people to date. And here's why.

Newly divorced women are a major score. They don't want anything serious, since they
just got out of something serious. They don't have a relationship clock ticking down the
minutes until you leave a tooth brush at their place, call them your girlfriend or say, " I
love you." Since love just failed them, love is the last thing on their mind. They want
lust, fun, adventure, excitement and autonomy. So there is none of the usual pressure to
commit. No nagging about when are you going to meet the family. No annoyed glances
when other women come shrieking by showing off their engagement rings. Divorced
women want to enjoy the day by day of a relationship and are over the misguided
excitement of being married. They pay attention to you, rather than thinking about what
you might look like in a tux standing next to them at the alter. They are skinnier and
hotter than ever since once their marriage dissolved they decided to get into shape, take
pole dancing classes, workout, buy new clothes, wear sexy heels, get highlights and
actually shave their legs. And since they have just endured years of lifeless dull married
sex, or no sex at all, they are bursting with friskiness and want hot bedroom antics and
they want it now. No more four-date waiting period to get some action.

Newly divorced men are also a major score. Yeah it didn't work out with their first
wives, but a divorced man is a man who at his core believes in a life-long commitment.
He doesn't mind living with someone and sharing his life. He's used to the monthlies,
the mood swings, the bickering and the having to put his underwear away. He stood in
front of his friends and family and made a public announcement to love and cherish one
person. He tried. He isn't so afraid of losing his bachelor freedom that he finds reasons
never to marry anyone, citing cankles, not recycling enough or recycling too much,
or having an annoying sneeze as deal breakers. A divorced man is a man who will get
married again.

As much painful as divorce can be, it's also an exciting awakening. A chance
to question mistakes and to start again. Those who go through a divorce choose to live
a happier life alone rather than fall asleep next to someone they don't love night after
night. Divorced people had the strength and energy and independence to get out of a bad
situation. This same strength, energy and independence makes dating divorced people
feel like less of a job interview and more like an office party.

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