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Why Men Hate Doing Laundry

What is it about laundry that men, and even boys hate? Is it the labor or is it the time that it takes away from you?
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It's no myth that most men hate doing laundry, and will avoid it at all cost once they enter into a relationship and have a lovely lady to take care of it for them. What is it about laundry that men, and even boys hate? Is it the labor or is it the time that it takes away from you? I remember the days when I didn't know how to wash. That itself is a huge reason why men hate doing laundry. A lot don't know how to "properly". Do we consider them chores? Shall I speak for myself here? No, I actually love washing; of course I loved it a whole lot more when I didn't have to walk to a laundromat with my laundry, and then pay to wash at that laundromat.


Perhaps the real issue is the waiting game you have to play. Normally it takes a hour or more to wash and dry your clothing. Luckily, I have a good relationship with the older gentlemen who own the place I wash my laundry at now, and it's close enough to my place that I can actually walk back into my apartment, and come back later. Not to mention this particular place doesn't have any real seating either so it's definitely better to just leave and come back. That's my New York dilemma; life in Florida was different. I didn't have to leave my house for any reason except if I were out of bleach, washing powder, and so on. This is why I had no problem doing laundry. I could throw whatever I needed in the washer, and walk right back to the living room, I could fall asleep, leave and come back later; basically anything I wanted to do because my clothing was safe in my place. So why do men hate doing laundry? I think it's a combination of not knowing, and not wanting to learn which clothes go with what temperature, which product is right for that specific clothing, the fact that you have to wait, and the last notion of folding the clothing up once it is done. Perhaps the real answer is that we're lazy (perhaps not), uninterested, or rather be doing something else?!

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