Why Do Muslims Have to Condemn Terrorism? They Don't!

I can say this on behalf of all Muslims. Muslims hate terrorists, we hate terrorists more than anyone, we hate that terrorists say they are Muslim to do their unjustified acts. We condemn what they do but no one else is having to condemn bad acts done in the name of their religion. What is this hypocrisy?

Why Should We have to Keep Condemning Terrorism?

So, the answer to this question should be rhetorical. Muslims should not have to condemn terrorism.

No where in the Holy Quran does it say to kill innocent people, no where in the Quran it says to kill yourself, no where in the Quran it says you get 72 virgins when you die. The members of ISIS know little or nothing about Islam. They are ignorant. They cannot just choose who dies and who lives. They are not God. I am sure if ISIS members would have read the Quran, they would not be in ISIS. They would be pushing for peace, not hatred and terrorism.

The Quran states in chapter 5 verse 53 states, “… whoever kills a soul... it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs...”

Ask Yourself These Questions and Try to Answer them:

Why do Christians Not Have To Condemn the KKK?

Why Do Christians Not Condemn Someone that Shoots up an Abortion Clinic?

In the U.S., 11 people have been killed in abortion clinic attacks since 1993, including the most recent one in Colorado Springs.

Why the Double Standard?

If a white christian man goes in a all black church and kills everyone, he is labeled as mentally unstable, not a terrorist.

If you are going to blame a whole religion for a minuscule amount of people calling themselves Muslims, then maybe you are as ignorant as ISIS.

Why are members of ISIS not seen as mentally deranged individuals?

Though I am sick of having to condemn terrorism all the time because you will never see a christian have to condemn the acts of the KKK, I will still condemn it. I see people posting on social media sitting behind their keyboards that Muslims never condemn terrorism. That is quite the contrary because most of us do, any chance we get. We post about it on social media, we talk about it on the news. We try to get the word out there but the media doesn't want our words or voices to be heard, even though we try so hard. 

Still need proof that Muslims Condemn Terrorism? Check Below!

One Muslim in particular, Heraa Hashmi, made a 712 page document that compiles all the time and places Muslims have condemned Terrorism. This then led her to creating Muslimscondemn.com, a database that records Muslims denouncing terror. it keeps getting updated everything a Muslim or organization condemns terrorism. 

Who Are the Real Terrorists?

According to the FBI, these are the ones comitting terrorist attacks:

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