Why Do Pro Bono? An Answer From the Front Lines

Why Do Pro Bono? An Answer From the Front Lines
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Earlier this year at Taproot Foundation, we delivered our one millionth hour of pro bono service to the communities we serve. That's a lot of valuable time and expertise from business professionals that has been leveraged to help strengthen the nonprofit sector and make the work we do more sustainable.

To celebrate this milestone, I sat down with one of our pro bono consultants, Dan Djuplin, to find out why pro bono matters to him. Dan is a business development project manager who works full-time at a New York City advertising agency and is also training for his first triathlon. But even amidst his busy schedule, he has found time to offer about 300 hours worth of professional skills to three local nonprofits, helping them develop key messages, brand strategy, and Web sites that will help them expand their reach and effectiveness. Check out my interview with Dan in the video below.

For more on how Dan's pro bono experiences have shaped his perspective on nonprofits, check out the extended interview on our Pro Bono Junkie's blog.

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