Why Do We Have A Passion For What We Do?


While we are all destined for something, what is it that keeps our flame alive? Isn't it true it is much easier for a cancer survivor to relate to a person presently facing a similar disease simply because they have both walk a similarly journey of pain and uncertainty? Why do doctors choose to become doctors and journalists choose to become journalists? Why do these people choose to do what they do? Could it be that for some of them it is much more than how much income they make with regards to money but the lives they can change because they can relate to their intriguing experiences? Could it be an illness in the family, the loss of a loved one or friend, the injustice in our communities that becomes the driving force or catalyst required for such individuals to discover their purpose and use that talent as advocates fighting for others in multiple ways who are not strong enough to stand independently?

Actors understand the importance of bringing a character to life because they know in so many ways no matter how the script is written, it is their performance that significantly relates and affects a present or similar situation in a person's life. Their passion to deliver a role properly is to tell a story of how a variety of personalities with different background and experiences tend to coexist in a community. Their character within a film or documentary details into why do people of different culture, age and ethnicity react the way they do and why do they handle opportunities, pressure and challenges differently?

Why do politicians at the senate give every president who comes into power a hard time no matter their choices? Why do they debate over what health care bill should see the light of day? Could it be that they understand just as you take the wrong medication for a health problem that produces consequences, due to the mistakes of inefficient leaders in the past whose plans failed to deliver on its promises has caused those they know personally so much pain and unfortunate circumstances, so they chose the path of politics to become a voice for those who are unable to speak. Why do such people choose to be leaders? They understand the ripple effect of a decision and putting the wrong person in power eventually affects their own loved ones and family.

Why do humanitarians, educators and speakers do what they do? Could it be like their audience they have a similar story and have become voices for others to make their journey easy? Our passion for anything is no accident but a drive that was created and born through talent, skill and multiple experiences. It is what truly defines how we connect to purpose and how we develop a sense of loyalty and commitment to a cause based on the positive outcomes it can bring. Our passion is deliberate, it is what keeps the engine to believe in a cause to keep running. So if you have ever developed one for a vision, a dream, a purpose, a cause where the struggle to see it through seems challenging and overwhelming but you do not know how to stop fighting, you have not lost your mind, your passion is intentional and deliberate, it is what keeps the engine running. God bless.