Why Do We Spend So Much on Clothing When We Really Prefer To Be In Yoga Pants?

If you're like me, the minute you finish doing whatever you need to do outside of your house you come home and immediately change into yoga pants. You want to get out of those skinny jeans and into something super comfy. You crave the ability to exhale without the fear of making those unforgiving "lines" all over your belly. On a good day, your bra is thrown to the wayside as well as those inflexible pants.


I suppose the truth lies in the stretch that those yoga pants offer. It's not just yoga pants though. I would be just as content in sweatpants or really anything with elastic that can be shimmied up instead of zipped up.

So why do we wonder around those crowded malls, peruse endless clothing racks and sweat as if we just ran a marathon while changing in and out of outfit after outfit? Not to mention throughout the whole ordeal, we are cursing like crazy in those horribly lit dressing rooms and pointing out every single possible flaw in our body. Why do we make all of that effort to find those perfect pants, spend a small fortune to own them only to be completely happy when we are finally out of them? One can only speculate the reason.

My best guess is that we love looking good and are willing to suffer for those few, short hours. The same principal holds true for wearing high heels. Ugh those painful but oh-so-sexy heels!
Dressing well is simply part of life. We do it to maintain professionalism or to make a good impression at a new job. There are constant work commitments to be a part of and fancy parties to attend. There are holiday dinners and seminars and family gatherings that we want to be a part of. 2016-09-21-1474482467-7172344-1yogapants.jpg

Whatever the reason, wearing annoyingly stiff yet beautiful clothing certainly has its place in life. No doubt you spent a good deal of time squeezing yourself into that trendy yet classy outfit as well as a good deal of money on it. While I do accept all of those valid scenarios, put me in yoga pants at the end of any day and I'll be the happiest and most comfortable gal you've ever laid eyes on!