Why Do You Do What You Do? 5 Ideas to Reconnect to Your Passion and Purpose

This post originally appeared on Red Slice.

Your business is an extension of you. It started with an idea and a hope and problem you were itching to solve. A vision of how you could improve someone's life, work, relationships, self-esteem or home.

For a moment, forget about the features and functions. Forget about the "tricks." Forget about the bonus materials or free reports or "Act by this date" price promotions or 6-week programs or loyalty cards or sales numbers or social media stats and think back to your idea, your story.

What did you want to put into the world to make it a better place than when you found it? What problems did you want to solve for people to make them feel joyful, empowered or efficient?

People connect with stories + people, with passion + purpose....not products, not services, not even brands.

Without a story, without standing for something, you are simply a transactional commodity. And when was the last time that ever rocked anyone's world? There's no loyalty there. That's like saying you're loyal to the DMV simply because they renew your driver's license and registration every few years.

If you're having trouble remembering your story or have lost sight of your purpose amidst the chaos of everyday entrepreneurship, here are some inspirations to help you find your mojo again:

1. Ask your best friend, mentor, or close confidante to remind you of what you told them when you said you wanted to (fill in the blank) and what got you jazzed about it. You know, those nights when, after a few too many G&T's, your eyes lit up and you said, "If I could create this, people would love it!"

2. Create a simple "Value Proposition Hack"

3. Revisit that old mission statement you once wrote long ago. You know: the one that was imperfect and raw and beautiful and captured every essence of hope you had when you first started.

4. Stay inspired by soaking up goodness from others who have found their stories and made magic in their worlds. And know that if they can do it, you can do it, too. Like Alexandra or Ali or Warren and Betsy.

5. Review Simon Sinek's now famous TED talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action and find your own "Why?"

What do you do to stay inspired about your business, purpose or calling? Please share in the Comments!