Why Do Your Feet Hurt When You Put On You Party Shoes?

To be able to dance the night away and have less foot problems during the holidays in your party shoes try these tips.
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It's the holidays and time put on your party shoes once again. So as you go through your shoe closet and decide which shoes you want to wear, the question is style or comfort. If you're choosing footwear such as Manolo Bloniks, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Nine West or one of your other favorite shoe designers, style, what hot shoes goes with which outfit, beats out comfort and flats. However, whatever shoes you plan to wear by the end of the night you probably cannot wait to take them off because of tired sore feet. The price one pays to look good!

Selecting the most comfortable, yet stylish party shoes in your closet can be a challenge for any women this holiday season. Most fashion footwear are not always the most supportive or comfortable. The problem is trying to fit your feet in those shoes. There is no such thing as a perfectly shaped foot, because they come in many different sizes, shapes often times with a boney prominence in the wrong place. Perfect is always in the eyes of the shoe wearer, so if your shoe fits without causing any problems, dance the night away.

The chances of developing boney prominences, burning and mysterious joint pain in your feet can occur any time and is usually initiated by poor foot biomechanics and aggravated by shoe wear. Wearing tightly fitting footwear with varying heel heights of 4 to 6 inches for any period of time, is a major trigger and can cause these problems. The most common areas on the foot to develop these types of problems are on the tops, tips, sides of your toes, ball of the foot and the great toe joint. The official names that describe these foot problems are blisters, corns, calluses, bunions and hammer toes. Arch fatigue, tired legs and low back soreness can be a byproduct of wearing too high a heel height.

To be able to dance the night away and have less foot problems during the holidays in your party shoes try these tips. Find an arch product that can be placed in the arch of the shoe that does not take up to much room in your shoes. Go online, type in arch support products for fashion footwear, insoles for fashion footwear, and arches for backless heels. Going online will give you the best selection. Drug stores and shoe repair shops may also have products that can be helpful.

For immediate relief at the end of the night of partying try soaking your feet in warm water or using ice to cool your feet down. A foot massage will always make you feel better, too !

Wherever your feet take you this holiday season, wearing arch supports in your shoes will hopefully prevent the end of the night aches and pains.


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