Why Does Greatness Come Through Such Great Humiliation?

I sat in my dining room, beautifully painted with carefully chosen décor. As I sat there, I caught a glance of a property inspector leaving a sealed envelope on the handle of my front door. In that envelope was a letter to contact my mortgage company. I could feel shame overwhelming me as I fell into the spirit of embarrassment. A highly-educated woman, married to a highly-educated man, and yet we were two months behind on our mortgage, as well as some of our other bills. As I began to take account of my life, several things were glaring out to me — I did not spend money lavishly, I did not go into debt I could not afford, my cars were paid off and my home accumulated over ninety thousand dollars in equity. So how in the world did I get here? The answer that came to me was — I LIVED! I had a baby who was born premature through a birth totaling in fees of over thirteen thousand dollars. The following year, that same bundle of joy accumulated another three thousand dollars in medical expenses because we had not met OUR nine thousand dollar annual deductible. We paid the medical bills and invested in home repairs on our credit cards, creating for ourselves further setback over thousands of dollars.

As the tears began to run down my cheeks, I realized that this experience was a part of my journey, and this journey was created with obstacle and trial. Both of which are necessary to overcome, so that I will inspire someone else through their challenges.

Hardship is not a reason to walk away...it's an invitation to greatness, Jan 23, 2017

So the question is: Why Does Greatness Come through Such Great Humiliation? I suspect that is because with great humiliation comes great victory and triumph. I further suspect that with great troubles, comes even greater zeal to endure, yes, triumph yes, but also to learn the lessons that the universe had set for me to learn. But what could that lesson possibly be, is what I asked myself? And then it hit me — challenges will come to visit us all, but how we bear through those challenges will determine the value of the lesson in which we were created to learn.

Believe it or not, all of these thoughts rolled through my mind at once. I decided at that moment that I was not going to be a victim of the challenges that I had to endure. Nor was I going to live in bitterness during the trial. I was going to work harder, cry harder, and encourage myself greater.

I realized that my inner woman was receiving the medicine necessary for her growth, as I struggled. She was getting stronger because she was able to see what she was truly made of. I suspect I would have never known that I could handle with grace, such pressure upon my faith in GOD, while keeping myself intact.

I find it funny, that we hope for a life with little to no challenges. However, we never consider those challenges to be building blocks for our character, earthquakes for our self-development. I got it, the greater the fall, the greater the rise, the greater the impact! I now see why greatness comes through great humiliation.

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