Here's Why Hot Food Is Way More Delicious Than Cold Food

It's not just an argument against the raw food diet, it's evolution.

It's an essential question of our time: Do you like hot pizza, or cold?

Well, according to the video below from Discovery News, we are evolutionarily predisposed to preferring it hot.

Before we invented fire, humans ate everything raw or cured.

That food is hard to break down, i.e. digest. And since "humans are the best at offloading our biological responsibilities" the video says, our "first big breakthrough" was cooking. By heating food, our bodies have less work to do in digesting the food, therefore increasing the number of calories available for us to absorb.

Not only does smoke and fire add flavor, but we get more energy and protein from cooked grains and meats. And we don't have to chew on it all nearly as much, which frees us up to do other things, like Snapchat yourself eating.

Put it another way: "Hot food has, essentially, been pre-digested."

Some very interesting food for thought. See the full video below:

Tell us: Do you like hot food better?

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