Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers?

Does God REALLY hear my prayers?  And if God REALLY did hear my prayers, how come nothing has happened? How prophetic can one golf commentator be?  Phil Mickelson hit the top of the bunker as he scurried to get out of the sand trap sending the ball into yet another bunker. Gary McCord comments, "Just like life - a bunch of ricochets"!

Life is crammed with the "unexpected", the "ricochets".   Oftentimes Life isn't what we think it is supposed to be. We find ourselves ill, out of work, struggling with children, parents, fighting a never- ending divorce, lawsuit, or just trying to find our way.  So we pray.

We pray that God will help us, take away the pain, the mental anguish, give us patience to endure, or to show us to way.  We send our messages and we wait to "hear back" and "be rescued".   God sometimes seems to turn a deaf ear to our supplications.

We listen...Nothing...Silence.   There is no resolution to our problems. Even while I served as a nun in a Catholic convent I wondered. Did God hear me?  Does God not know that I'm struggling? I secretly looked at the other nuns rapt in their prayers and was curious to know if God answered their prayers and not mine. We rationalize that if God really loved me and heard my prayers, this problem would surely be taken care of.  Right?

God does hear and does answer our prayers.  I read on Twitter (can't remember who "tweeted") that God answers all of our prayers in one of 3 ways:
1)  "Yes"- This is the one answer that we are looking for; our troubles are over.  Thank you, Lord.
2) "Not yet"- We just have to be patient.  Remember that there is no time with God.  Our prayers will be answered...all in "good time."  All in "God's time".
3) "I have something better in mind".  Now this is the tough one calling in our faith, our trust and our hope.  Many of our pains are blessings in disguise.  (Although some of these blessings seem VERY disguised)  They are gifts taking us away from all distractions to a deeper look at the real meaning of why we are here; what really matters.  These are in invitation to see the Bigger Picture.

God knows exactly what we need and when we need it.  God knows our destiny and the lessons that we are here on earth to learn.  So when your prayers don't seem to be answered, use this affirmation reassuring yourself that you are right where you should be. Relax, breathe and reaffirm:

"I am loved and cared for by an All Knowing Creator, giving me exactly what I need for my journey."
When Did God answer YOUR prayer with having "something better in mind"?  Please take a minute and share with us in the comment section below.