Why Donald Trump Attacked John Lewis (And Why He Will Always Attack People Who 'Wound' Him)

Why Donald Trump Attacked John Lewis (And Why He Will Always Attack People Who 'Wound' Him)
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Why Donald Trump Attacked John Lewis(And Why He Will ALWAYS Attack People Who "Wound" Him)by Richard Greene with Dr. Lynne Meyer, PhD

*Note: I am re-posting the "Why Donald Trump Attacked Meryl Streep (And Why He Will ALWAYS Attack People Who "Wound" Him) post from January 10. . . . and will continue to do the same and just replace the names until the press and the country understand four critical things:1. He will ALWAYS attack. This is what we have to look forward to for the next 4 years.2. He attacks because he has serious, incurable, untreatable and progressive "Narcissistic Personality Disorder", a "Cluster B" personality disorder characterized by extreme sensitivity brought on by an almost total lack of self-esteem and self worth. Donald Trump, himself, told us this. In his famous interview with Megan Kelly the following words came out of his mouth, not a Psychiatrist's. "When I'm wounded I go after people hard to try to 'unwound' myself." He also said "I view myself as a person and like everybody else, I'm fighting for survival." 3. This man, with this need to "unwound" himself, "fight for survival" and attack anyone and everyone, including a man who marched with Martin Luther King two days before Martin Luther King's birthday, will have sole, unimpeded, "anytime he wants" ability to destroy our relationships with any world leader who hurts his feelings, destroy our relationship with any country and destroy the entirety of civilization with his exclusive control over 7,000 nuclear warheads.4. He is not fit to be President of The United States and Commander-in-Chief and must be impeached or otherwise removed from office as soon as practically possible.

Why Donald Trump Attacked Meryl Streep(And Why He Will ALWAYS Attack People Who "Wound" Him)by Richard Greene with Dr. Lynne Meyer, PhD

Maybe it took Meryl Streep for people to finally get it.

According to virtually every Psychiatrist, Psychologist and mental health professional that we know or have interviewed, who are experienced in this field, Donald Trump has a serious mental condition called "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" (NPD), a rare, incurable, largely untreatable, progressive disorder that is incompatible with being President of The United States and, especially, Commander-in-Chief.

He will always attack anyone prominent who attacks him



Because, while he talks constantly about being "strong" and "tough" the reality is that Donald Trump, because of his serious condition, is too sensitive.

Because the attacks on him hurt too much.

Way too much.

He even said it himself in an interview with Megan Kelly on Fox News: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/trump-i-wound-people-to-unwound-myself/article/2591620

"When I'm wounded, I go after people hard and I try to unwound myself."

Simple words of even mild criticism wound Donald Trump. They cut through him like a knife.

Simple words of even mild criticism trigger the ever-present (but oft covered up) deep feelings of insecurity and an almost total lack of self-worth.

This is true for EVERYONE with NPD (as discussed in detail in the previous article, "Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill?" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-greene/is-donald-trump-mentally_b_13693174.html Handing over the Presidency and the entire United States Military to this man is like a 747 Pilot handing over the controls of the airplane to someone who is a known alcoholic.

Or a surgeon giving the scalpel in the middle of a long, complicated surgery to someone who is prone to frequent epileptic fits..

When "attacked", a person without this personality disorder has the ability to put that criticism into a larger context. People with NPD literally do not. Their system gets so highly stressed by the attack they can't focus on anything else.

A healthy person would say, "Oh, Meryl Streep has an opinion. I don't agree with it. Now I'm going to focus on something else because I am a world leader and have many other important things to focus on."

But someone with NPD is so stressed, because of their fragility, that they can't have these logical, rational thoughts, and can't even focus on other things. Instead, they think "I must devalue her because I feel devalued" and, therefore, the "overrated" comment and every other devaluation of so very many who have criticized Donald Trump.

According to universally accepted research there is a pattern that those suffering from NPD follow virtually every time they are criticized or attacked:

1. They Devalue. 2. They Threaten. 3. They Retaliate.

Devaluing is diplomatically and militarily dangerous with other world leaders who, themselves, may be unstable or have enormous egos, or even NPD, and threatening and retaliating have obvious potential for very real global crisis.

And, at this point, even though Mr. Trump has never formally laid down on a Psychiatrist's couch (something that NPD sufferers are almost never willing to do), we've seen that these three reactions to criticism or challenge are the very, and proudly held, modus operandi of our President--Elect throughout his business career and personal life.

How many people has he devalued? "Little Marco", "Lying Ted", "Low Energy Jeb", "Crooked Hillary", Miss Universe, all of his female accusers, Alec Baldwin. China, Meryl Streep and so many others. He's not immature. This is a textbook symptom of NPD.

How many people has he threatened? Threatening people with lawsuits is part of his business model. As Commander-in-Chief he will have the entirety of The United States Military and 7,000 nuclear warheads instead of just a lawsuit.

How many people has he retaliated against? Actually filing lawsuits is also part of his business model. As Commander-in-Chief he will have the entirety of The United States Military and 7,000 nuclear warheads to use to, indeed, retaliate.

And no one - not The Secretary of Defense, not The Vice-President, not Congress, not The Joint Chiefs of Staff - are able to stop President Trump from launching a military or even a nuclear retaliation if he, in his sole discretion, wants to do it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-greene/dear-electors-donald-trum_b_13679096.html

It will never be different. It will never change. When "wounded" by criticism Donald Trump will "try to unwound" himself by lashing out. Donald Trump will not "grow up" as the Vice-President suggested. Donald Trump will NEVER be more "Presidential" as many have begged.

And the consequences could be horrifying.

What will happen, for example, WHEN (not if) Kim Jong-Un or Vladimir Putin or the leader of Iran or Pakistan or ISIS criticizes or challenges President Donald Trump?

On January 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump will have sole, unilateral, full, exclusive, anytime he wants authority to direct 2 million American servicemen and the high alert portions of a 7,000 nuclear warhead arsenal to lash out to make himself feel better.

It's time to start thinking about "President Mike Pence" and invoking The 25th Amendment of The United States Constitution. Dr. Lynne Meyer, PhD is a Psychologist in private practice in Los Angeles specializing in "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" and other personality disorders.

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