Why Donald Trump Is Still Winning America

Over the last couple of months the country has been riveted by Donald Trump's improbable rise as front runner for the Republication Nomination. During this time numerous pundits have asked with confusion how Donald Trump is able to connect with voters. Many stated that he was not a real candidate and only a self-obsessed reality star that was looking for publicity, but for millions of Americans Donald Trump represents the hope that our country's best days aren't behind us and that the American Dream is not dead.

The average American may not have aspirations of becoming a Billionaire like Donald Trump, but hope that they will have the dignity of a good job, with a fair wage and the possibility of a better life for their children. Many people in the political class as well as liberals have been horrified by the statements that Donald Trump made about illegal aliens (undocumented workers), John McCain, Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina. With his lack of remarks towards the man at the town hall who made the disparaging remarks about Muslims, they have also found reason to be outraged when he doesn't speak. They can't understand why he is not only in the race, but seeming to get stronger. What they fail to realize is that Trump is winning because too many Americans are sick and tired of the status quo in this country.

We seem to be more divided and weaker as a country than we have been in decades. Donald Trump may be offensive to some, but for many in the middle class and working class he is giving voice to concerns that they have been discussing around their kitchen table for years. There are over 93 million adults who are unemployed or underemployed in the United States and based on results, few of our current political figures seem to give a damn about them.

There is always vague talk about jobs and how it's the other parties fault, but nothing ever changes. For many years voters have felt that our politicians were more interested in gaining wealth and power than in being public servants. Many Americans are barely getting by, and between stagnating wages and higher taxes many family budgets are tighter than ever. Immigration has become such a hot button issue in the debate about Donald Trump, but there are also real concerns about what is happening to the everyday American citizen that are not being addressed by the pundits. We are not able to adequately care for the people we already have in the country. Just look at the amount of homeless on the streets of the country and the millions on food stamps and other government assistance that we say we don't have enough money to really help them move out of poverty.

Everyone who lives in this country should have a chance at a better life and be treated with respect no matter their country of origin but either we have a real immigration policy that balances the needs of the immigrant and the citizen or we continue down a path that doesn't work for anyone except for some special interests. It's too easy to blame immigrants for our issues when our politicians are the real problem.

Many people feel that they have been forsaken by both parties. Donald Trump is speaking to the concerns of the little guy, the person who feels like they are working hard and getting nowhere. The person who worries if their child will have a better quality of life than they have had. Americans just want a fair shake and at least Donald Trump is willing to have the conversation, without the obvious pandering that takes place with the remainder of the candidates. People like the thought that maybe we can make America Great Again for everyone, not just for the rich. He fills voters with pride of how we used to be, which is something many conservatives, independents and liberals alike, feel we are losing in the face of political correctness.

Donald Trump has hit a nerve across parties, races and socio-economic groups. For all of you smooth talking politicians, we have heard it all before about your policies that are supposed to be in our best interest, but where has that gotten us? A one way ticket, down the river. The establishment Republicans, liberals and media may be right about Donald Trump's ability to get elected, but you are wrong about millions of Americans who have valid concerns. If you want to beat Trump then have real and honest conversations about these issues. Address people's concerns without calling them bigots and racists.

The reason Donald Trump is winning isn't really about Trump but about "We the People." It's about knowing someone will fight for you and your family. If you as a politician aren't willing to fight for us than we won't be voting for you. If the only things you have to say is all of the reasons that you can't fix this country, then don't be surprised when we support someone who says that he will. It is not necessarily support for Donald Trump's version of America, but an indictment of you and your lack of action. Unless you are willing to tell the truth and stand for the little guy instead of your own narrow interest, then Donald Trump will keep winning. And you will lose.