Why Donald Trump May Be Good For America

Donald Trump? How could this misogynistic, xenophobic, bigoted, conniver be our President-elect? How could this apparent tax avoider, alleged sex offender and confirmed racist be the next inhabitant of the most enviable government housing structure in the nation?

While it is painful for some of us, we should not be surprised. America has finally decided to look at herself in the mirror, and this is who we are! I know this is not who most of us are. However, the blight of our democracy demands that for the next four years, all of us must live with the decisions of a gerrymandered electoral system in which the will of the majority has been trumped by partisan politics.

Trump Is As Real As It Gets

Now, those of us who were outmaneuvered have no choice but to accept a painful fact: America has said, “Enough!” Enough with the hypocrisy! Enough with the pretense! This is who we are. The truth is, this election was more about honesty than change — and Donald Trump is the one who represents that candor.

Say what you want about our President-elect, but he is brilliant at what he does. The secret to his “art of the deal” is psychological manipulation, and he has mastered it like a champ. Think about it. More than any candidate in this election cycle, he knew how to connect with an America that had been (de)sensitized by reality television. He knew that America was desperate for “real” candidates, whose outer personae reflect their inner values.

We got this in Trump. It was no secret that his brand was built by deception. Everyone knew he lived by another set of rules. We were fully aware that he exhibited the classic symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. We had grown to expect that by tomorrow he would deny verifiable inflammatory statements he made today. We knew all this about him, and he did not fail to deliver! He’s as “real” as it gets.

Trump Is The Incarnation Of American Greed

Trump would utilize this manipulative strategy to close the deal for the most powerful position in the world! In a very real way, Trump is now the poster boy for a dysfunctional America. For those seeking a “messiah” with whom they could identify, he is the incarnation of their collective spirit.

This misogynist represents an America that has long celebrated the objectifying of women. While pundits feigned disgust over his crude comments, statistics reveal that pornography accounts for 30 percent of all internet data. When Trump used his “locker room talk” defense, he was merely cautioning those Americans who harbor pornographic fantasies to look internally before they cast a judgmental stone his way.

This manipulative genius also knows how to channel America’s xenophobia and bigotry. He understands that many Americans live in denial about the true reason for the decline of jobs in certain industries. He counts on their refusal to acknowledge that the economic depression is the natural result of capitalistic outsourcing and technological automation. He knows the truth about the real cause of our economic woes, yet he still incites them to blame undocumented immigrants for their plight.

Ironically, those who see Mr. Trump as the solution ignorantly voice their frustration through vile vitriol posted on social media with their foreign made smart phones and computers. In fact, during the campaign, untold throngs obliviously donned their foreign manufactured garments to rally around their great savior who would “make America great again.” It did not matter to them that their imminent Commander in Chief has directly contributed to the migration of American jobs to far flung lands. He is the embodiment of their materialistic desire for expensive products manufactured overseas by shamefully underpaid workers.

Trump Is A Perfect Example Of White Privilege

Our future President has also manipulated the myth of American exceptionalism. He paints a picture of an exclusive and pure America that is in danger of being contaminated by Mexican migrants and Muslim refugees. The privilege of citizenship is primarily intended for sons and daughters of the Europeans who colonized this land in the first place. Those patriots who energize his rallies with the charged up “U-S-A” war cry understand this.

His own bona fides have been proven by his past practice of denying African Americans access to his rental properties. This was his personal contribution to America’s economically crippling redlining practices that have created the ethnically segregated neighborhoods that are as American as apple pie. The coded intent behind his campaign promises to fix America’s “inner cities” is a gentle reminder to his supporters that he has no desire to upset the stereotypical status quo. After the Obama experiment, Trump is the assurance that the White majority’s geographical space will not be encroached upon by the burgeoning minorities.

Ultimately, Mr. Trump could possibly be the embodiment of the last hurrah for a disappearing America. This is a neo-feudalistic America where European descended lords and serfs co-exist in completely different worlds, but are bound together by the tight cords of White privilege. Thankfully, many Whites have rejected the mentality of ethnic exclusivity, but the recent election has demonstrated that they are still outnumbered by their peers.

Nonetheless, if census estimates are to be trusted, the days of these holdouts are numbered. By 2044, non-Hispanic Whites will shrink to less than fifty per-cent of the population. In light of this stark reality, I can only hope that the Trump presidency will force those who wish to conserve the past to take a hard look into the human mirror they have elected. Prayerfully, they won’t like what they see.

With any luck, they will reject the misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, racism, and capitalistic exploitation that currently pollutes our nation like Flint River lead. Hopefully, they won’t want the President-elect as a model for future generations of their own children, who will have to find a way to live together with other ethnic groups if this democracy is to thrive and survive. If this happens, Trump’s election may very well be the catalyst that changes America for the better!



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