So THAT'S Why You Should Be Eating Lentils

So. much. fiber! 🙌🏼
03/15/2016 03:36pm ET | Updated March 16, 2016
Kate Brittle via Getty Images

Prepare thy kitchen for the Year of the Lentil.

Thanks to a recent focus on pulses -- the legume group including peas and beans -- lentils are poised to become the next all-star superfood of 2016.

And we really regret not adding them to our diet sooner. Besides being cheap, lentils have a stellar nutritional profile: Third-highest in protein among all nuts and legumes, with more potassium than a banana and impressive stores of folate and fiber to boot.

Lentils' many varieties -- green, red, you name it -- and rich, earthy flavor makes them perfect for all sorts of dishes, from granolas to salads to tacos and curries. Get some inspiration from Fix.com below, and prepare to shake up your weeknight dinners with a little lentil.