Why Employees Should Use Collaboration Tools at Work

Why should employees use collaboration tools at work? A lot of organizations state that one of the biggest challenges they face is employee push-back. Employees don't want to use the tools and technologies. So, this episode of The Future in Five is for those skeptics who want to know what the value is to them of using these tools and technologies. Using these technologies is probably the single most beneficial and valuable thing one can do for their career within their organization -- and I give a couple of reasons why. A big part of the future of work is connecting employees to each other and to information, which enables them to get access to the things and people they need to get their jobs done -- anywhere, anytime, and on any device. In order for organizations to effectively do this, these technologies need to be used with a collaborative platform -- an internal, social network-type platform (i.e., Jive, Yammer, MangoApps, IBM Connections, Salesforce Chatter). If you're one of the skeptics, be sure to watch this episode to learn how collaboration tools really can benefit you, then take a moment and give me your feedback.

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