What All Women Know About Donald Trump

(PHOTO CREDIT: Nina Galicheva, Trump Tower Protest, October 19)

I'm 3 years older than Hillary. I grew up in the corporate world, at a time, when psychotic men were powerful, and powerful women were bitches.

The very specter of electing the first female president, is making men act out like prepubescent boys, leaving the rest of us 'nasty women' in a constant state of anxiety and rage.

Donald Trump, and now Anthony Weiner, have become the embodiment of every grope in a board room, obscene gesture implying oral sex, every lecherous stepfather rubbing up against a confused teenager.

Every unwanted tongue thrust down our throat by the guy who signs our paycheck.

What's In A Word?

I've always hated the word, 'pussy', it's denigrating, pejorative and crass. Immature, jargon used by impotent men, insecure with their own sexual prowess.

When a transcript of The Donald's comments about women was printed in the New York Times, the word appeared above the fold.

And we, as a nation, normalized and sanctioned, sexual assault.

A silent scream resonated through the collective unconscious of every woman in this country.

So when a thousand of us, and a few 'decent men', showed up at Trump Tower for a spontaneous protest, chanting, 'Grab him by the ballot', 'Donald Trump go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay', and 'Free Melania', something amazing happened.

The 'charge' was gone, as if we had taken the word back - literally, and figuratively. And there was something exquisitely liberating about screaming it at him, or at least his building.

Rising up in one beautiful, defiant voice, absent of shame, or culpability, that we had done something wrong.

It was thrilling, joyous, irreverent and galvanizing. This was the gift he gave us, he will have done more for the women's movement than anyone in history.

It was like 20 years of therapy, and reminded me of the day women went on strike on August 26, 1970. 50 years after the passage of the 19th Amendment when we got the vote, we marched out of our offices, linked arms down 5th Avenue, brandishing signs, 'Don't Iron While While the Strike Is Hot'.

'I Can't Believe We Still Have to Protest This Crap'

I was born in 1944, which makes me a War Baby. I come from a long line of nasty (working) women.

Mine was the first generation raised by women who worked. They had to, when our dads went to war. So that was our imprinting. I'm Saturday's Child, 'work for a living'.

Trump doesn't believe wives should have careers, he thinks it's 'dangerous'. He thinks women who have abortions should have 'some form of punishment'.

My mother was an airbrush artist at Walt Disney Studios during the Golden Years, after the war she worked for Howard Hughes, and then owned her own ad agency in the 1950s. She was invariably, the only woman in the room, filled with men wearing white shirts and skinny black ties.

I too, was the only woman in the room. I began my career as a producer at Young & Rubicam, making $50 a week, in the late 60s, or the last season of Mad Men. Women were 'girls', breasts were ogled, 'asses' were grabbed, coffee was fetched. Men were confused. We wore mini skirts and hot pants to work.

The women's liberation movement was in its infancy, we burned our bras and spoke our minds. We marched and fought for women's rights, reproductive choice, and equality in the work place.

It was a time of the Playboy 'bunny dip', casting couches, Mile High Club, and the '500 mile limit', when wedding rings would fly off the minute you ordered your first Mimosa, on your, all expenses paid, trip to 'the coast' for a shoot.

A Trump/Pence presidency, will blast women's rights back to the last century. The GOP platform has conversion therapy in it, that's electric shock to make gay people straight. Pence just passed a law where you have to have funerals for fetuses.

When I was a girl, abortion was illegal. I thought we dealt with this already. Planned Parenthood, marriage equality, Roe V Wade, gone girl gone - in the first 100 days.

A few years ago, I interviewed the courageous, Russian punk rock dissidents, Pussy Riot about Trump's pal, Putin and their fight for free speech under his dictatorship. They had come to Zuccotti Park to listen and learn about what we did at Occupy Wall Street.

These brave women come from a place where journalists are murdered, and they were jailed in the gulag for their activism, you can see where Trump gets his ideas.

I have NYPD press credentials, which means I can get in anywhere, any Secret Service event. I've filmed Hillary, Bernie and every Trump protest in New York over the past year.

The only way you can get into one of his events, is to send an email confirmation from your outlet, so they can control who gets in. As an independent, I have no outlet, so I'm denied.

But I conned my way into the press conference where he introduced Mike Pence. It was one of the most terrifying hours I've ever spent, a rambling, incoherent, narcissistic rant, pandering to the evangelicals promising to put tax exempt status, and religion back in government 'where it belongs'.

Michael Moore In TrumpLand

Mike made a love letter to Hillary, and to America.

He made Trumpland in 2 weeks, finishing it the morning of the first surprise screening. It lays out the case for Trump voters and for Hillary, and the scenario by which Trump can win, 'the candidate with the most rabid supporters will win, because of the low turnout.'

'There is nothing I could put on a piece of film that could show you how bad Donald Trump is. He is the best writer of satire, and the best argument against himself. No filmmaker could top, what he does on a daily basis.'

Watching the film, I was reminded, Hillary's journey was my journey. Her fights were my fights, our fights, for the rights of women's bodies, and our children and our jobs. Her battles against discrimination and equality, were my battles.

Although we never met, we fought side by side for 50 years. And by the end of the film, I was crying, as were we all. I fell in love with Hillary, and I fell in love with my country.

Trump and the GOP elephant in the room, are but a symptom of what must be healed in this country, and it is incumbent upon we women, to shut this whole thing down, and once we've rescued our Democracy, it's time to repair what is broken in the world, Tikkun Olam.

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