Why Every Brand Needs a Writer and Content Creator in 2016

Do me a favor. Next time you're eating lunch or dinner in a public setting, do a quick scan around the room or within your group and check how many cellular phones are placed on the surface of a table.

You might as well account your phone as a "plus one". I'm guilty. I'm typing this piece right now and my phone is staring through my soul directly in hand range.

You've heard it a hundred times -- "everyone is on the Internet". Eyeballs upon eyeballs. With that being said are you in business for yourself?

Do you have a product or service you're trying to promote? And more importantly do you have a voice or presence that's either directly or indirectly commanding attention to your cause?

Lets say you don't have a business and perhaps you have a talent or passion instead. Do you want the world to know it?

If yes, then hear me out because I believe this applies to you as well. The reality is if you're not on the Internet you're missing out on pretty much everyone.

This is the most important fact to understand for your personal or business endeavors in 2016.


If you are on the Internet are you branding yourself correctly?

Granted, some people just don't understand how to blog or don't know how to stand in front of a camera and possibly lack in "being able to relate to people online" Department.

That's when you should invest in a writer, content creator, or communications consultant and here's three reasons why:

1. Your Brand should have an Authentic Voice.

This is a medium where you get to communicate with your following without formal business professionalism whether it's a blog, vlog, or podcast you get to reach your current audience and attract likeminded individuals with your authenticity.

Show your personality. This is the best sales technique. Being yourself and sticking to your brand identity.

By doing so, you attract likeminded individuals who are most likely into the same things you are or looking for whatever it is you're promoting.

It seems so simple but today's technology and "instant feed of information" age has made it quite easy to slip away from your identity.

Keeping your brand aligned and focused on passionate topics gives your image a positive vibe.

2. Your Brand should be likable and relatable.

Good Writers & Content Consultants will make your brand likable by creating content that allows you to come off as someone who can relate with your audience much as a friend looks to you or when you're helping your buddy out who's in need of your valued and friendly advice.

Let me ask you this. Who is the most loved and admired athlete in sports today?

Stephen Curry.


Because he is us.

Me and you.

He isn't the tallest human being, he isn't the strongest, he can't jump the highest, he is not the cockiest -- in fact he's extremely humble and he looks a lot like any every day ordinary person.

However put him on the court and he's something we've never seen in the history of NBA. He is of fairy tales, wizardry and by the end of his career will be known as one of the most extraordinarily talents in sports.

The Steph Curry Brand is one of which every brand should replicate.

Be able to relate with people and then dazzle them with your talents and skills once you got them on the court so they'll never forget you.

3. Your Brand should engage your Current Audience and attract Future Followers.

Obviously the goal is to remain real and true to yourself. Not boring.

Some people believe making yourself sound or look better is how you showcase a successful image such as claiming "our coffee is the best coffee in the world" or "we have the most affordable products" but those are statements that repel people in my opinion.

Arrogant and uninformative techniques scream "Hey Everyone, we're hiding something!". However, if you really are the best, provide statistics or proven success to back it up. At the end of the day, Honesty & Authenticity is what creates Trust.

I'd rather hear about your story, possibly the obstacles you ran into early on and what you learned from those initial mishaps that ultimately makes your product more affordable today. Harness the art of storytelling while providing value.

When I work with brands I look at it this way: if I browse your website or search you online and can't understand your brand, company, or service then no one else will.

So I start by learning about your brand. I try figure out the brand story by an initial consultation questionnaire.

My motto is "ask great questions". You might see them as kindergarten interview questions but I approach it as a way of digging out answers which will ultimately capture your Brand DNA.

By asking the right questions I get the answers needed to properly and clearly communicate what that brand does, stands for, and strives to achieve.

With that I create content in a manner where people can understand and relate to. Those are methods I suggest to establishing a positive and engaging online presence.

For more questions or concerns feel free to reach out. I always respond to emails and do whatever I can to help!