Why Every Libertarian Should Be an Independent Voter

What do Democrats want most? Power. They want to run the country.

What do Republicans want most? Power. They want to run the country.

Why do both of them want to run the country? Because it gives them control over an immense amount of money -- our tax dollars.

America as a country came into being not because people wanted to be controlled by others, but because people want to be free.

Almost 40 percent of today's voters are self-identified Independent voters. That's more than the Democrats. That's more than the Republicans. And it's way, way more than the Libertarians.

If we want a freer America, it's not going to come from regularly voting exclusively for Republicans or Democrats. It's not going to come from voting exclusively for Libertarian candidates.

The only way to change America is to become a free agent voter in the group that decides every close election -- independent voters. Make the candidates come to you. Make each individual candidate tell you what he or she is going to do to give us back our freedom. And then work with us to hold them accountable. Learn more and join us at Independent Voters of America today.