5 Reasons Why Failure Is Your Friend

5 Reasons Why Failure Is Your Friend
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Why are so many woman paralyzed by failure? Why do they let it keep them from pursuing their dreams? I want to share “5 Reasons Why Failure is Your Friend” so you can use it to empower not defeat you.

Over the years, I've had a lot of failures. I've gone through difficulties in my life and what I can say for sure, is I am better because of each and every one of them. I have come to think of “failures” as learning opportunities. If you are a woman who struggles with failure or fear of failure, I hope to shift your thinking around it so you can embrace it as a friend and great teacher.

Let's take a look a the 5 Reasons Why Failure is Your Friend:

# 1 Failure teaches you what success can't.

People that automatically walk into success often miss out on a lot of lessons that those of us who fail have the opportunity to learn. People who have failures learn about conflict resolution, strategies and what their clients need and don’t need. These are some of the lessons you can learn from failure, that you may not get when you have immediate success. I have noticed those who gain immediate success often get stuck when they do fail, so there is another side to that as well.

# 2 Failure causes you to be more creative and more Innovative.

Who would have thought “failure” causes you to think outside of the box? When something doesn't work your mind immediately goes to….. “What can I do to make this work?”.... this questions leads us into creativity, innovation and that’s another reason that failure is your friend.

# 3 Failure gives you insight as to what works and what doesn't work with your clients.

Failure helps you learn what your clients don’t want and this goes back to reason. number two. Failure takes you back into your creativity mode. You may decide to survey your people to find out what they want to learn from you. These are insights you wouldn't otherwise have if you had immediate success without doing some of the backend work. You might have the success right up front, but if you don't do some of the backend work that those of us who have had the failures do, you may find yourself after that first launch going back to the drawing board.

# 4 Failure is your friend because it helps you grow personally and professionally.

Some failures are very tough, but in the end, you are a whole new person depending on how deep it is. Those failures also cause you to stretch. They may cause you to enhance your marketing skills or shift your mindset. They give you growth not only personally but professionally to help you grow as a coach, as an entrepreneur and just as a woman in general. To me, business and personal go hand-in-hand because the lessons that you learn you here can be used in both aspects of your life.

# 5 Failure is your friend because the more you fail or get a "NO", the closer you get to the win.

The more no’s you get on those discovery calls, the closer you are getting to your "Yes". I'm sure you have heard of Colonel Sanders story. How many people did he have to talk to before someone said, "Yes." to that delicious fried chicken that we all know? All of us must go through a bunch of no’s before we hear our first "Yes". I had to go through a whole bunch of them to get to where I am today. It hasn't been easy but it's one of the most beautiful journeys any of us could embark on. It leads us to a place of joy, a place that we will love being for the rest of our lives; a place that allows us to serve.

Failure can be the catalyst that transform your life. Sometimes failure, your family, and those naysayers can be just the thing you need to light a fire under your butt because you want to win! You don't want those people who say, "You can't do" it to be right.

You are a winner! Learn to use failure as a partner, learn to use failure as a catalyst for you and learn to use it as a tool to help you grow your business personally and professionally.

I hope today you will begin to see failure in your life as a way for you to grow and see it as your friend.

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