‘Why Family/CPS Courts Target ‘Fit’ Parents & Why the General Public is Unaware of this National Crisis' (short version)

‘Why Family/CPS Courts Target ‘Fit’ Parents & Why the General Public is unaware of this National crisis. (short version)
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“Rich, poor, middle-class — no child in America is safe.” These words of award-winning investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow (author of The Worst Interests of the Child) refer to the abusive practices that regularly occur within the Family Courts and Child Protective Services (CPS) Courts. On their watch, each year, hundreds of thousands of children suffer from abuse (including rape and prolonged torture) that would not have happened without the current court system’s initial invasion and subsequent entrapment.

Court officials heavily profit from these induced conflicts. They have learned how to milk the system for financial gain, by targeting the protective (“fit”) parent instead of the abusive (“unfit”) parent, resulting in children getting placed with pedophiles, sadistic sociopaths, and narcissists, in life-threatening environments. Although “the State” will pay the court officials if a low-income family is involved, the system forces ‘Fit’ parents who are middle class or wealthier to foot the bills for all court services. Court officials expand their incomes significantly; making big business from using desperate and/or vulnerable parents; and by using the children as currency.

Over the years USA courts have learned to target fit parents instead of unfit parents, because there isn’t money to be made from the unfit parent. The parents who care about their child’s well being will do everything the courts demand of them to further their children’s best interests; they are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for court supervisors and court officials and millions of dollars to attorneys. Whereas abusive/neglectful parents – if targeted – are more likely to give in after the court’s first demand/hurdle or when he/she sees the bills that come in from both Family/CPS courts.

The Family Courts and CPS officials have learned that, if they give custody to the unfit parent or guardian, the fit parent will pay through the nose to try to keep their child safe.

And as for why there’s not more information about this corruption? In some cases, individual victims of the system may feel as though a bizarre set of circumstances led to their misfortune. However, most times when a child is placed with an unfit parent/relative/guardian/foster parent, gag orders are issued to the fit parent, resulting in sealing files from the public. Additionally, judges and caseworkers use the threat of the fit parent “not ever seeing their child again” if the gag order is violated. So, when the courts place a child with an abusive parent/relative/foster parent, the protective parent is not allowed to speak to the media or seek support (i.e., from doctors, therapists, law enforcement, the media, or other outlets such as websites or blogs) on behalf of their child, children or themselves, outside of the court’s purview. Even when the protective parent brings indisputable evidence against the abusive parent/guardian (who has custody of their child), such as photos, doctor’s reports, taped conversations, and police reports, the protective parent can be prosecuted and thrown in jail on the grounds of Contempt of Court – or, even worse, can have his or her parental rights terminated. Not one of those reports can be entered into evidence, (even with overwhelming evidence that the child is being abused by the parent/or guardian/foster care) unless the CPS caseworkers/social workers agree to allow it. The Family and CPS Courts almost always defend their original decision (in favor of the abusive parent) even in the face of glaring evidence that the child suffers from severe neglect, physical torture, or sexual abuse – all for the money.

Even when gag orders are not issued, many parents are scared silent, knowing if they speak out or show damning evidence against the unfit parent or guardian who holds custody, the unfit custodial parent could take his or her anger out on the child. They also fear retaliation from the courts. Other protective parents may be filled with shame and disbelief, thinking, how could this have happened to me and my child, when I did nothing wrong, and no one is going to believe me.” Many protective parents are unable to sleep, and in almost all cases develop debilitating illnesses – gastrointestinal diseases, and sometimes terminal cases of varying cancers — due to the extreme stress caused by lack of contact with their child who now lives with a known abuser. All of these consequences often leave the fit parent sick and unable to explain to friends, the media or others about the injustices that resulted in the separation of parent and child.

The victims who remain healthy – the fit and protective parents – are willing to sign away their homes and savings to the family courts, in order to secure the safety of their children. When the Family and CPS Courts extend the dispute over many years (typically over a decade), the protective parents give everything they have (financially, emotionally, and mentally) leaving them bankrupted finically and emotionally.

Family and CPS court officials, evaluators, therapists, doctors, attorneys, court supervisors (for supervised visitations), Guardian Ad Litems (GALs), and outside contract organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) all receive large weekly kickbacks; there is a long list of those in each community who make money off of a child’s removal from a safe and loving home. Laypeople may assume the Family Courts act in the best interests of the children, but in truth, they act in the best interests of their incomes.

In certain cases, fit parents have been forced to pay upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars. Even when these parents have evidence of abuse toward their children that occurred by the actions of the custodian guardian; the courts ignore their proof and discredit the fit concern parent until they have no choice but to stop fighting. Many examples of protective parents who were harmed by the court’s corruption can be found in Keith Harmon Snow’s The Worst Interests of the Child (mentioned above).

Snow’s book further states, “The violence and judicial abuse in family courts would not be possible without the support (corruption) of the Department of Children and Families (DHS/ CPS).” Snow continues, “DCF (‘CPS’ known under several names depending on the State) provides one of the portals through which massive U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funding is flowing. As [with] the judicial abuse, there are no meaningful checks and balances on the DCF system, and abuses are rampant.” There are no regulations, and the CPS watchdog agency, the Ombudsman Agencies, has become equally corrupt. Quite simply, “The odds and prejudices are so heavily stacked against low-income families that trafficking children into foster homes is a multi-billion dollar business.” Snow concludes,” It is no different from a hostage situation, knowing your child is in this level of organized danger. Parents are relentlessly terrorized by predatory court officials daily or weekly, for years, while hundreds of thousands of children in America are being needlessly abused, their lives permanently damaged.”

Family and CPS Courts put on a twisted mask to hide their judicial abuses and private profiteering, with their public relations-oriented rhetoric like the term “putting children first” or representing the “best interests of the child.” It is not that far of a stretch to suggest the CPS and Family Courts’ actions amount to racketeering and extortion. The federal courts could charge them with violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

However, these Family and CPS court officials continue to refuse to acknowledge their failures when confronted. It’s time to finally take them to task for not only failing to protect children, but for causing the abuse, rapes, and deaths of hundreds of thousands of children across the country every year – not to mention the degree of emotional and financial agony they’ve created for these children’s loving parents.

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