Why Fast Inc. Accelerator is Changing the Way Entrepreneurs Think & Grow

When successful people set out to help others reach the same success through actionable and intentional strategy, magic happens.

I first heard of the Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ event earlier this month when my company was engaged to produce some video content to recap their event experience. Initially it seemed no different than any other project, but as we talked details a story emerged. I realized I had to be there – and I absolutely had to meet the creators behind such a unique and intentional experience.

Founded by Kim England and Lisha Crytzer, this 3-day event coming to Phoenix this June “brings entrepreneurs together (and out of isolation) to offer personal access to leading business experts who provide insight and strategy for growth.”

But that’s not the truly special part...

The Story

Kim and Lisha were transformed on the morning of April 19th, 1995 in Oklahoma City. They had a meeting inside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that morning scheduled for 9:00 a.m..

At 9:02 a.m. a truck bomb placed by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols exploded killing 168 people.

By the grace of the common cold, the meeting was called off and Kim and Lisha were spared from the carnage that took place that fateful morning. As terror often does, this narrow miss bonded the two women and inspired them to take charge of their lives and never take anything for granted.

A fire was lit and they embarked on a journey to build a wildly successful staffing and recruitment agency for the healthcare industry. A sense of clarity and intention powered them through the rest of the century, but their trials weren’t quite over.

In 2008, during the market crash, they realized they needed to take their blinders off and ask for help to get really creative in order to thrive, and not just survive. So when they had an opportunity to work with a business coach that referred them to a videographer to create compelling videos for potential clients, they jumped at the chance to be creative and go in a different and new direction.

The experience not only boosted their business but also made them realize that there was so much more they could be doing to grow and expand – and they figured they weren’t alone in the dark as small business owners. Here began their mission of helping other small business owners across industries and give them a sense of community, trusted sources and access to influencers they needed to take their businesses to the next level.

Creation Mode

The Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ event was created out of necessity. Kim and Lisha attended countless events searching for elements that would give them the sense of community and access to experts they knew they needed to grow. Unfortunately, they kept coming up short.

It was time to take matters into their own hands and pool together their resources, community, connections and vision to create a very intentional and unique experience. With passion as their driving force, they created the event they wished existed.

The Event

With presentations and mastermind workshops by multiple high level entrepreneurs and successful business owners, Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ is more than just a conference, it’s an experience. The three pillars of the event are:

Community + Trusted Source + Access

Community: This event brings together a small group (about 200 attendees) of small business owners who are all looking to learn, grow, expand and change the way they are currently operating. Coming together for these common goals encourages organic networking and creates a sense of community with like-minded people who can all relate to each other. This brings business owners out of their corners and into a supportive, inspiring and challenging environment. The founders wanted business owners to know that they are not alone in their struggles or successes and that by connecting with others in the same (or different) position, there is much to be learned.

Trusted Source: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has defined business for decades. Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ brings together trusted influencers, entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs and creative minds across multiple industries, and puts them in front of small business owners looking to grow. These influencers provide attendees with their collective experience and share their wealth of knowledge in an approachable, digestible and powerful way.

Access: High-impact inclusivity and collaboration is really what sets this event apart from the rest. This intimate setting allows 200 small business owners to sit in master classes with the star of ABC's Shark Tank Daymond John in order to truly absorb his expertise and experience face-to-face. No boring lectures or shallow presentations here. Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ is focused on interaction, connection, and strategy.

“Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ motivates and encourages you to fast-track your business strategies: don’t walk away confused with nothing more than binders about someone else’s success.”

Event Highlights

“Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ is a very intentional and different experience. No more than 200 people will be in attendance because we want people to feel like everyone else is accessible to each other,” Lisha explained.

  • Organic networking
  • Master classes with experts in small group setting
  • Media Press Party to take the intimidation out of PR
  • VIP luncheon with expert and Q&A

It’s about creating and having a unique experience. The founders want attendees to feel like they’ve found a place where they belong and to meet people that they are going to stay in touch with long after the event. By bringing people together, this event removes the loneliness of starting and running a small business. The goal is not to compete on successes, but to talk about failures and dreams and how to learn and grow in the right direction and inspire each other.

Reasons to Attend Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™

  1. Mix and mingle with experts directly: don’t simply watch them on stage.
  2. Learn from a selection of carefully curated influencers who share practical solutions and experience.
  3. Understand current and emerging technologies that will help move your business.
  4. Share resources at a fraction of the cost: individual access to these in-demand gurus would cost thousands in consulting fees!
  5. Collaborate and engage in small group settings where you can hash out strategies.
  6. Confidently know what solutions are available (and work) today.
  7. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs: gain an inclusive tribe of colleagues.
  8. Leave inspired with a new vision for your business!

(sourced from fastincnetwork.com)

The Details

Where: Phoenix, AZ

When: June 7-9, 2017

Who: Hosted by Fast Inc. Network founders Kim England and Lisha Crytzer with presentations and master classes by:

Daymond John @thesharkdaymond

Joe Polish @joepolish

Re Perez @bftpagency

Nicholas Kusmich @nicholaskusmich

Marcus Murphy @mrmonetization

Rachel Scava @vinniefisher

Brad Martineau @sixthdivision

Angelique Rewers @angeliquerewers

Stephanie Appeal @strategiccoach

Andrew O'Brien @onepublicityguy

Chris Smith @campfireeffect

Mark Guyot @mark_guyot

Pete Vargas @advancereach

This event has limited availability (only 200 attendees) and it is sure to change the way you run and think about your business. Learn more and apply here!

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