Really! It is!

Feminism: great for women, great for men.

Achieving gender equality means doing away with society's rigid ideas about what it means to be a woman. That also means getting rid of the limitations that surround what it means to be a man.

Imagine a world where showing emotion, loving Adele or staying home with your kids wasn't considered feminine, and therefore less than. Doing away with gender roles and bullsh*t ideas of femininity and masculinity is good for everyone.

Plus, studies show that gender equality is good for the economy, your sex life, and your general happiness.

Let the feminist guys in the video above convince you that feminism really is for everyone.

Video scripted, directed and edited by Jessica Samakow and Oliver Noble

Script edited by Emma Gray

Produced by Alex Berg and Allison Bresnick

Shot by Daniel Fox, Michael Caravella and Ian MacInnes

Special effects and emotional support by Samantha Guff

Thanks to Wade Davis, Fineline Tattoo, and Central Bar.

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