Why Frustration Is Good For You

But your frustration is really just an indicator of what is coming! You would not feel the longing inside of you if it wasn't coming. Wanting comes with waiting. It is just part of the equation.
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Often great lessons come from unexpected teachers...

Recently I heard a woman share about how she was with her friend's 7-month-old baby boy and witnessed him experiencing frustration over his natural limitations. He was trying to communicate his needs but did not yet have the verbal skills to do so. He was attempting to feed himself but did not yet have the motor skills to do so. The reality of his current conditions did match his desires, which was incredibly frustrating for him.

This is an incredible metaphor for the frustration we feel when our reality does not match our dreams. Our vision of what we want is clear; however, life does not look like we want it to. We have powerful intentions and heartfelt desires, yet things have not yet manifested in physical form. But just like we aren't born walking and talking because there is a natural progression to our physical development, everything we want doesn't happen at once because there is a natural progression to our personal growth.

Our minds love to wander into the future and dream up amazing things. We can see ourselves in love, living our passion, making lots of money, and so on. But just because you can dream it doesn't mean you are necessarily capable of having it right this instant. That doesn't make you a failure. And it doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong. Often there are simple natural limitations in life. There are lessons that need to be learned. Experiences you need to have. People you need to meet. Things you need to do. Skills you need to acquire. Time that needs to pass.

I understand it is frustrating to...

Feel so much love in your heart and want to share it with a partner.

Feel so much passion about something and want to make a living just doing that thing.

Feel so capable and want to be on a purposeful career path.

But your frustration is really just an indicator of what is coming! You would not feel the longing inside of you if it wasn't coming. Wanting comes with waiting. It is just part of the equation.

There's a lot you don't know. There are some additional skills you are going to learn or experiences you are going to have to truly prepare you for the career of your dreams. The person you are going to be in a romantic relationship with has some things he or she needs to do and learn before they are ready to be with you! When you were seven months old, you had the instinctual desire to communicate but you had to wait for your brain to catch up so you could learn language. But eventually you did, didn't you?

There is a magical mystery to the universe's timing. Trust it. Trust your process and accept the natural limitations. But don't add unnatural and unnecessary limitations like buying into any old stories of not being good enough or unworthy or not deserving. And drop the limiting belief that things would be so much better if you had all your dreams right now because it's limiting your enjoyment of the right now.

So make the best out of your current conditions. Ask yourself, "How can I enjoy where I am now even more?" The "even more" part is essential to add because it implies that you are already enjoying it!!

Reality will eventually catch up to your dreams. Just like you eventually learned how to walk and talk, you will continue to learn the life lessons that move you one step closer to your dreams. It is impossible for you not to actualize your potential as long as you are committed to your growth. Do not give up just because you are frustrated!! Patience is part of faith.

With love,


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