Why Getting What You Want Requires the Opposite of What You Think

Last night I boarded a plane for Phoenix and before we even took off, I found myself deep in conversation with an incredibly kind and fascinating man. I'm big on talking to strangers -- I've met the most interesting people by striking up conversation on planes and trains and park benches and while waiting in line at grocery stores and banks and everywhere in between.

It's particularly fun when I learn something new -- and last night was no exception. This man was totally into the stuff I'm into -- the law of attraction, conscious living, evolved wisdom, mindfulness -- you name it. So the hour and a half flight from San Francisco was spent swapping stories and thoughts on these subjects and involved a lot of head nodding -- we're speaking the same language.

Then the topic veered towards my love life -- because I'm working on applying all of what I know in the personal development world to finding fulfillment in that arena.

See, I know what I want, I just don't have it yet. And I have been trying to let go and trust that alongside my clear and aligned intentions and actions, the universe will deliver what I'm seeking.

"I know all about the importance of surrender," I told my friend in 2C, "but it's often hard not to feel antsy. I just want what I want already!" I confessed.

This is when 2C shared a beautiful analogy.

"Close your eyes," he said.

"Imagine yourself standing before a set of swinging doors," he instructed. "On the other side of the doors is everything you want. It's the love of your life, your beautiful relationship, a meaningful, deep partnership. It's all good over there."

"Now what do you feel compelled to do?" he asked.

"Charge through the doors!" I exclaimed.

"Of course," he replied. "But here's the thing: all that good is trying to get to you, too. And if you're pushing and it's pushing, the doors won't open."

I sighed.

As I mentioned, I have certainly learned about the value of letting go -- of matching my goals with my thoughts and actions and energy, and then just releasing control, luxuriating in the magical wonder of the universe as it all unfolds.

But this analogy was a particularly potent reiteration for me, most especially because it reminded me that all that I want wants me back, that letting go actually allows it to reach me.

So that's my intention this week. Be proactive and engaged in actualizing my goals and greatest desires and then let go of the reins and just ride.

I invite you to try this, too. How can you let go? Where could you take a step back and let the universe do its thing?

Feel free to comment below with your intention -- we're all in this together!

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